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Batman: Arkham Origins - Cold, Cold Heart DLC Walkthrough Return To GothCorp

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Head back inside GothCorp and you'll find that a bunch of Penguin's men are at the lobby. Unfortunately you can't take them down silently so choose one to Takedown and beat up the rest of them.

After taking down the first group you'll have to fight 2 more waves of enemies. There's a lot of them but they aren't much of a problem. Just focus on doing counters to get by with the least damage possible.

Your biggest problem is that big guy who's attacks are unblockable. To take him down you'll need to jump behind him by pressing A twice then start beating on his back.

You won't be able to use the entrance at the right side catwalk right now, so head over to the frozen entrance near the front desk and press A near it to break the ice.

Head down the stairs and into the Organics Lab Entry. Don't try to break the ice on the door, you still wn't be able to break that. Just look at the right side and you'll find the vent that you previously used to pass through and it's frozen all over. Approach it and press A to break the ice.

Hide on the corner and charge your Batarang, aim and throw it at the stalactite to knockout the goon underneath it. Make sure to use the Triple Batarang so you can momentarily knockdown the other goon.

Wait beside the corner and the goon with the gun will come running at you. Wait for him to start climbing the stairs, then dash at him and start attacking him. Once he lets go of his gun you can just beat the remaining 2 goons up like normal. Don't let them retake the gun.

Enter the Organics Lab through the door and drop down on the lower floor of the lab. First activate your Detective Vision and you'll see 2 pipes each leading inside a greenhouse.

The entrances to the greenhouses are a little tricky to find because of the cryovapor obscuring your view, but they're just on the side of the building where the lines enter. Throw a Thermal Batarang at the frozen switch inside each of the greenhouses to disable it.

Now follow the lines over to the large computer and thrown another Thermal Batarang at the control panel to remove the ice, then equip your Cryptographic Sequencer and hack the control panel.

Penguin's men will soon enter the room, quickly look up and throw a Thermo Batarang at the post right above you. Once the ice is destroyed, use your Grapnel to climb up on the post.

Before you do anything go around the posts and break the ice on each one of them. This will make your life a whole lot easier in case you're seen or you need to climb back up after taking someone out.

Also you don't need to takeout everyone yourself. You can use those stalactites on the ceiling to bring down goons without having to approach them.

You should also be careful about that guy in the white armor. Like the previous sniper in this room, that guy can't be taken down silently. He'll break away from you and attack you.

The easiest way to take them down is to stay at a post and hang. Wait for a goon to pass underneath you, then hang him with an Inverted Takedown.

Then move to a different post and throw a Batarang at the rope that you used to suspend the goon, swing back to the post where you hung the goon and do another Inverted Takedown on one of the goons that have come to investigate. Rinse and repeat.

After taking the goons out, head up to the upper floor on the right and enter through the door that the goons came out from. Head for the next door to enter the Security room and look to the right to find an open vent.

Turn left as you exit the vent and charge up your Batarang, then throw it at the stalactite to knockdown 2 of the goons below. Then jump down and finish off the rest of them.

Keep moving forward and drop down where the cryovapor is condesed like fog. Activate your Detective Vision and throw a Thermal Batarang at each of the frozen switches near the door.

Then head into the door to 17 D and you'll find the Weapons Testing Lab. Enter the first room and you'll find a dead guard on the floor, activate your Detective mode and examine him.

Now analyze the marker on his foot and wait for it to reconstruct the crime.

With the chemical trail now available, approach the frozen door and break the ice. Follow the trail all the way back inside the lab.

Follow the trail until you reach the glass windows on the left side at which Batman will comment that the trail ends there. Reactivate your Detective Vision and start analyzing the chemical trail at the end.

After completing the dramatization, head over to the window and analyze them, then follow Fries to the table and analyze the items on top of it.

Now head back near the window and a new marker should have appeared on the machine behind the frozen guard.

Examine the machine, then examine the frozen guard in front of it to get a better angle on what happened in the lab.

Head over to the door and rewind the crime until the part where the assailant hits the wall after the shock blew him away. A red marker will appear and you can analyze it.

Turn around and you'll find another red marker on the floor, examine it then examine the machine near the frozen guard to finish up the crime scene investigation.

Take the cryocoolant and leave the lab. Walk back to the lab entrance and this time turn left and enter the other room in the area.

Head inside the Propellant Lab and sneak up behind one of Penguin's men, then do a Combat Takedown. Afterwards beat up the rest of the goons.

Enemies consist of one bladed goon, one shielded goon and a goon with a CW. The rest are ordinary goons, knockdown the bladed goon first, then the shielded one. Once those two are down, takedown the CW guy.

Once you've taken care of the goons approach the ice wall beside Penguin and use the cryodrill on it. Break the ice and you can talk to Penguin before proceeding. Just cause it's funny.

Head inside the door into the Secure Testing area and walk all the way to the end of the catwalk. You'll find a ladder that you can use at the end.

Above the ladder there's a vent, head inside the vent and open the grate at the opposite end to start a cutscene.