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Batman: Arkham Origins - Cold, Cold Heart DLC Walkthrough Wayne Mansion

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After the cutscene you'll immediately have to take care of a few of Penguin's goons. Press X to attack and when you see blue lightning shaped icons on the enemy's heads press Y to counter their attack.

You can do a takedown on a fallen enemy by pressing LT+Y while they're on the ground. Beat up the goons but be careful not to do a takedown when some goons are still standing or else you'll get hit.

After talking to Alfred head for the door on the left side of the large Christmas Tree and talk to Alfred inside, then exit through the door behind him to get to the library.

Inside the library you'll have to silently takedown Penguin's men. As soon as you enter through the door, press RT and approach the first goon from behind and press Y to do a Silent Takedown.

Approach the elevated part of the floor at the middle of the library and climb up on either side of the stairs, then approach the goons from behind and do a Double Takedown.

Now climb downt he right side stair and hide behind the wall. Wait for the last goon to pass the other side of the elevated platform, then quickly follow behind him and do a Silent Takedown.

Enter through the door with the large "M" (where the last goon was standing) and proceed down the stairs and to the right side walkway.

Climb down on the side of the railing and do a Pounce attack on any of the goons below, then knockout the rest of them.

"A short note though, some of the goons may break a wine bottle and attack you with it. This is the same for knife wielders, when yellow lightning marks appear on an enemy's head either dodge behind them (A, A) or press Y at the right moment to dodge.

After taking out the goons head through the metal gate and inside the tasting room. Approach the statue at the far right corner of the room and press A to open the Batcave.

Enter into the secret tunnel and head down until you get to the broken bridge. Jump across the gap and shimmy over to the right side using the ledge.

Climb up the side of the broken bridge and continue down the tunnel until you reach the lift. Press the big red button on the right side to take it down to the lower floor and into the Batcave.

Once the lift stops moving, head forward and take a right near the bridge. Follow the bridge and climb up on the stairs at the end of the catwalk.

Climb up the stairs that lead to the large computer and approach the glass case on the right side. Approach it and press A to wear the Batsuit.

Now that you have your Batsuit on you'll have all the equipment that you've gained in the main game. Head back down the stairs and to the lift you used to enter the Batcave and take it back up to the Secret Tunnel.

Once you're in the Secret Tunnel Alfred will contact you again and the door will be unable to open. Turn to the right side and you'll find a generator. Press and hold A to recharge it and power up the door.

Now head all the way back to the wine tasting room and open the vent on the right side wall, just before the gate.

Don't open the vent, just get near it and perform a Takedown on the nearest goon to thin the enemy number. Start beating up the rest of the goons.

The room consists of unarmed, bladed, pipe and gun wielding goons. Always takedown the ones with a gun first, then the blade wielders. Once those are down just keep countering and attacking the rest of the goons.

After defeating the goons use your Grapnel (RB) to get back up the upper floor and make your way to the library entrance.

You can't enter the library anymore due to the fire so look at the right wall and look underneath the second portrait on the right from the library entrance and you'll find a vent that you can use.

Use your Grapnel to climb up the next floor and use the ladder to get into the higher floor of the library. You'll find Alfred and some other people in need of saving there.

Use your Grapnel and make your way to the second post on the right side. Press RT to hang from the post and wait for the goon to turn his back on you, then drop down and do a Silent Takedown on him.

Climb back up the post that you hanged from and wait for the goon further on the right side to turn his back, then drop down and take him out.

After taking out the second goon, climb back up on the post and make your way to the left side via the post on top of the door at the opposite side of where you first came into the library.

Hang from the post and wait for the goon to walk towards the center of the floor, then drop down and take him out.

Move back to the right side, chances are someone found one of the goons that you took down and the rest of them are crowding around him. Wait for them to split up, then drop down and take out the one that will be left by the stairs.

They'll find that guy too and start crowding on him. This time hang from the post and wait for one of the goons to pass underneath you, then do an Inverted Takedown on him. Since they're all busy inspecting the other guy, they won't even notice you.

Move to one of the posts on the side and wait for the guy that you hung to lose consciousness. Once he does, throw a Batarang at the rope to make him fall.

After cutting the rope, head back to the post at the middle and wait for another chance to do an Inverted Takedown on the goons. Keep repeating this pattern until the last goon takes a hostage.

Once he takes a hostage, drop down on the side of the platform and crouch down to avoid being seen. Activate your detective vision and wait for him to turn his back on you, then climb the stairs and take him out.

After saving the hostages, head for the door at the center of the room and press A to shove the Wayne Crest out of the way and open a path for the hostages.

Head outside the study and into the hallway, you'll find Mr. Boyle here and also a lot of goons. On the right side theres a goon that's holding a gun, take him out first. Then right behind him is a goon with a knife, get him next.

Then proceed to beating them up. Make sure that you don't let any of them retake the gun or blade. Also occasionally a message will appear of the screen saying to press Y+B, always press when it does as you can quickly Takedown an enemy even in combat when you do.

As you go on fighting your Shock Gloves will charge and is charged depending on how many hits you've done. Once fully charged you can press both analog sticks to activate it. Shock Gloves bypass enemy defences, meaning even shielded enemies get hit with your attacks when the gloves are activated.

After the cutscene mash the A button to break the ice that's keeping you trapped. The ice also does environmental damage on you so break it as soon as you can.

3 goons will come at you as soon as Mr. Freeze leaves and one of them has an electric pole. Jump over him by press A twice then start attacking him from behind.

Once the goon lets go of the electroic pole, beat them all up and don't let them retake the pole. Electric pole wielders can't be attacked from the front and that's why you need to attack them from behind. Their attacks can't be dodged too and that's why you should focus on them whenever possible.

After taking them out head for the end of the hallway and you'll find a goon sealing the door to the Ballroom with a cryogenic weapon. Grapple up to where he was then follow the path in front of you and get to the Ballroom.

In the Ballroom a large group of goons will be waiting for you and are eager to kill you. Drop down and immediately head for the goon with the cryogenic weapon (I'll refer to this as CW from now on).

The guys with CW are heavily armored, meaning you have to press B to stun them and mash X before you can take them out. The problem is there are a lot of other enemies that will get in your way and to make matters worse there's 2 of the CW equipped goons.

So quickly get near the first CW guy you see and press B near him to stun him. Pound him with X, then press Y whenever another goon tries to attack you and go back to attack the CW guy when you've successfully deflected the attack.

If the second CW guy tries to freeze you while you're beating up the other CW guy, just stick close to any goon and dodge away so that they'll freeze instead of you. Effectively thinning down the enemy number for a while.

Once you've defeated the first CW guy, start looking for the other one and beat him up the same way. If your Shock Gloves reach maximum power then this will be a lot easier than the first one.

After both of the CWs are down all you have to do is eliminate the remaining goons. Activate your Shock Gloves if possible, to quickly take them out.

When they're all down, survey the area and look for the only goon that's still moving around on the floor. Approach him and press Y to interrogate him.