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Batman: Arkham Origins - Cold, Cold Heart DLC Walkthrough My Alibi

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After leaving Goth Corp, use your Grapnel and climb up the building then start moving towards the Northwest until you get to the mission marker pointing to My Alibi.

Drop down in front of My Alibi and you'll be attacked by a group of Penguin's men. There are 2 holding guns and another one with a CW. Take them out and wait for Alfred to contact you.

Climb up the roof after Alfred contacts you and examine the large metal object there. Press A near it to wear the much awaited XE suit, then drop down and enter the My Alibi.

Inside My Alibi, head down the path and turn left where the enemies are. There's an open part of the wall at the end. Equip your Batarang and aim at the stalactite, let the heat charge up then throw the Batarang to knockout the guy below it.

Now drop down and start attacking the goons below. There's a new type of enemy here the guys in red and black suits who are capable of martial arts. You might have to press Y a couple of times to avoid their attacks as opposed to only once for the normal goons.

After taking them out head for the door and charge up your Thermal Batarang, then throw it at the frozen security panel to destroy the ice. Then approach it and use your Cryptographic Sequencer to open the door.

Head inside the room and interrogate the guy that's standing there. Funny as this guy is the same one you dropped off the roof in Arkham City.

Leave My Alibi and head west to find the first piece. Throw a smoke pellet near the 2 goons beside the stairs and drop down then take them out. Take the piece and proceed to the next location.

Now head towards the East towards the building near the edge of the water. You'll find a section on the right that's encased in ice. Drop down and take out the guards.

Throw a Thermal Batarang at the frozen Control Panel and head inside, then takeout Penguin's men and take the second piece.