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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode One Walkthrough Arrived at Fontaine's station

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Like an angel beckoning me, I awaken to see Elizabeth worrying herself over me. I continue to wonder why she seems to care so much, but I let it go.

Cohen comes over the radio to let us know where we're headed. He again warns us, though, that it may not be pleasant and dark things lie ahead.

After the ride the door opens. We're in the Fontaine area now- it's been turned into a prison. I get my pistol ready and head out.

I search the area for anything we can use. Money, food, ammo. Another flashback.

I head around the center bench and see a bunch of mannequins setup in a scene of home life.

To the left I find a Kinetoscope. It's an art piece. Another masterpiece of Cohen's, no doubt.

I see another on the right as well.

After that I turn around and head up the stairs, Elizabeth in tow.

There's nothing on the left- just an icy grave. I go right instead.

At the top I search the returns area for useful items. Elizabeth points out a hook above the gate ahead and suggests we look more.

I head to the left and see some splicers frozen in the ice. One has an "Air Grabber" that might be useful. Kids are always playin' with these, but they should be able to support an adult.

Strangely Elizabeth refers to it as a "sky hook". I don't even know what that is, but it just continues to affirm that she isn't from around here.

We head back to the gate and use the air grabber to jump up to the hook above.

Elizabeth waits below. I begin to go to jump but my air grabber gets stuck. Splicers head out of a hole in the wall and run over a frozen bridge- they appear to be arguing over a plasmid they found.

Using the air grabber I fling myself at the nearest splicer and make short work of the other with my pistol.

Housewares is where Cohen says we need to go. Elizabeth suggests we find a tram that connects the towers.

We head to the elevator.

I hit the button to get us moving on. Elizabeth asks me questions, but I cant remember the answers and I'm not sure I want to anyway. I have another spell, but it quickly passes.

I ready my pistol as the doors open. I want to be ready for any splicers that head our way.

I stay low, moving to the left. I can hear the crazed whispers of a fiend. I take the one by the stairs out and wait.

Sure enough two more are ready to taste lead.

When they're taken care of I head up the stairs.

A fountain of water is all that's left of the bridge to the tram. We're gonna have to find another way. That plasmid from earlier might do the trick.

I head to the stairs on the left. If we're gonna do this we need more supplies and I can hear just the thing not far from here.

I look around for any loose change- it's everywhere, what with this place going under not long ago, several shops still have full tills.

I use the vending machine for ammo and medical attention.

Then I turn around, and I head back to the doors leading towards the "Rapture on Ice" exhibit. If a splicer that needs cold is anywhere he'd be headed there for sure.

The door is locked. Elizabeth asks me to step aside and she makes short work of it. The girl is full of surprises.

We head through and into men's wear. The chill in the air prolongs my certainty.

Heading through the door I hear more voices- splicers for sure. I ready my weapon and creep around the glass display.

I see three of them by the door. Trying to get in but failing.

I toss in a fire plasmid trap to make sure they speak directly to the mortician.

I stay low and keep an eye on my right as another splicer casually jaunts past above. I make sure to put him down quick.

Then I turn around and head back around the display.

Another Splicer wants to speak with my colt.

I head upstairs and notice a turret station inside a changing room on the right.

I keep in cover so as not to set off any alarms.

I head all the way to the left wall- making sure not to be seen by the gun- and I duck down into the vent.

This is some kind of hiding spot for another splicer. I take him out, too.

I search the area for loose change and I find an audio log. Some fools hold himself up somewhere around here- or did at some point. There's no telling how long ago this was.

When I go to head back out there's more Splicers that want to talk.

I steady my aim and make short work of any I find.

I head towards the partition in the center of the changing rooms so the gun doesn't see me.

I head inside one of the changing rooms on the right quickly. Then I take aim.

It's dissection causes a ruckus, but there's no one but Elizabeth to see it.

I head around the corner behind the turret and pick up a box of clothes. I could use a change of pants.

I turn around and head back out and to the right. We go up the stairs.

From the stairs we head to the left.

I decide to turn around before I go and head back down the stairs behind me.

The door downstairs where the Splicers were hanging around still needs to be tampered with.

I ask Elizabeth to open the door for me.

Inside I find another weapon I can use.

I search the area for money and food. Anything I can use.

Behind the bar I find an Infusion Tonic. These always make me feel a little better.

In front of that, on a shelf under the bar, I find another Audio Log.

I go to the stairs, around the other side of the bar, and I head down.

I find myself surrounded by three angry Splicers ready to party and their friend Mr. Turret.

In the end everything works out and I climb over the side of the stairs so the turret can't see me.

As the light passes back and forth the turret creates an opening. When it's looking away I head around to the other side of the staircase. The area beneath it.

I find a body gripping some gold and several coins. These will be useful.

After plundering the treasures below I head back up the stairs- I remain cautious, though, I think I heard something.

No one is here. That's good. I head back outside.

It turns out there are more splicers up above. I slowly head up the stairs.

I find four new friends to play with, but they don't stay for long.

When my friends have gone I go back up to the frozen area from before. I look up and see another hook so we can cross.

I jump up to the hook and survey the floor ahead. It seems clear.

I head down, but I am greeted by more Splicers. I steady my aim.

Once they've been escorted out I pick up the clothes box on the counter. Then I head up some stairs on the right.

I can see the hook from here, which I deftly jump to.

Below there's a turret I could hear previously.

Using the air grabber I fling myself at the turret to take it out. Twice is enough. I turn around quickly, though, and dispatch a splicer that comes at me from behind.

Then I head to the door on my left.

There's more frozen bodies. This must be the place I'm looking for. I head to the door on the right.

We head through the door, discussing splicers. She thinks me cold as I explain my distaste for their pentient for killing children and their need for more plasmids at whatever cost.

I quickly look around inside, but it looks clear.

I head towards the other side, looking through bags and boxes for supplies.

I find some jewels in one of the Pneumo containers that might come in handy with paying for more bullets.

Then I head on, moving to my right to find the door at the end of the collonade.

On the other side of the door I find another door that leads to Ladieswear so we go there.

It seems clear from the door.

I head to the right, towards jewelry.

Inside I find two more Splicers. They want to reform as I send their souls to God.

I head around to the left and look around the store for valuables. I see a door at the back in the shadows.

It's locked. I ask Elizabeth if she can take care of it. It takes her no time to get it open.

Inside I find all manner of treasures. These will come in handy.

On a desk I find another Audio Log. I listen in the hopes of finding important information.

When I head back out I can see another Infusion Tonic ahead.

I head over and pick it up.

Just then, it seems, my faith was misplaced. There are more Splicers disguising themselves as mannequins. It's not hard what with how much they've junked themselves up.

After clearing out the pestilence I ask Elizabeth to reopen the door. It was locked again- probably by the Splicers trying to trap us in here.

On the otherside I find myself shooting down more dopin' Splicers.

I take cover inside the Jewelry shop as I shoot down five of them bastards.

Then I head up the stairs to the right of the Jewelry store.

I see the shoe store on the right as I head up. I decide to head in there next.

Just my luck. More Splicers and they have an itch. I make sure to let 'em know who sent me.

I head further into the room and find the door that was mentioned on an Audio Log earlier. Maybe the dope is still alive.

I punch in the code he gave- 0928- and the door slides open like it's beckoning me.

As I head inside I see another Splicer ahead. I make sure to shoot him before he shoots me.

I can hear the turret and the glow of it's light is no mystery. I throw a fire plasmid trap to blow it up making it easier to get passage through the halls.

Before heading through I pick up the clothes on the counter.

Once inside my suspicions were affirmed. He is no longer alive.

I search the room and listen to what is probably his last Audio Log. The sap is clearly out of luck and it was only a short matter of time before he lost the fight.

I head back out.

I hear splicers outside the shoe store and I take cover.

Several of them bust in on me and I introduce them to my gun.

I find that shooting them can be expensive on the supplies so I decide to start using my air grabber for less suitable means. It does the job I need it to.

I head out the door and to the left down some stairs.

As I approach the elevator some Splicers deboard it. I pop their heads like cherries.

Then I give them some heat to finish the job.

After I've cleared everything out I head through the door that leads to the elevator.

I head to the door on the left- back to the main floor.

On the other side I check my sights- looks clear. I don't see any trouble yet.

I look to the left and jump to the Pneumo railing above.

I take it up to the next floor and jump down. I find more Splicers ready to play so I give them something to think about for a while.

In order to save ammo I also put the air grabber to work.

I head through the first door- Fontaine's Plasmids. There's a locked door and I want to know what's inside- it could be something we can use.

Once inside I take the stairs up on the left.

I make sure to take out any vermin that's lieing in wait up there.

Unfortunately they have friends so I have to let them know I'm here, too. I take out six of them total when all is said and done.

After searching the area for supplies I head back down but I tend towards the right side.

There's a lock box here. I ask if Elizabeth can open it and she does so with ease.

After gaining more treasure we head back out. We're ready to move ahead so we go towards "Jack Frost's Village" on the left.

I head inside and go around on the rigtht.

There's no one here. For once I feel a little calm. I can't stay that way, though, as I head forward.

We open the door ahead.

Once inside I can see a Ice Skate Rental store on the right.

I head to the right. There could be something uiseful inside.

I scavenge the place for supplies and also find a rifle held by another frozen Splicer that I take.

Heading back out we go to the right side.

It's time to go inside.

The Splicer we're looking for is here. I can hear him barking orders at the others like he's their boss. I move to the stairs on the right side- staying low so they don't see me yet.

I can see a lot of guys in here. This going to be tough, but I can handle it.

One comes around the corner and sees me. It's time we get this party going.

I make short work of him.

I make sure to take out any of henchmen in my way.

Remembering there is also more men on the causeway I look to the left. I can also see the case where the "Old Man Winter" Plasmid is being held.

I pump a few rounds into the cold Splicer's face to let him know what he's worth. He takes it about as well as I expected.

When they're all dead I get over to the central area where the display case is.

Opening it does not yield results, however, as we find all the bottles have been drained. God damned Splicers.

Then Elizabeth does a neat trick. She says it's a new plasmid. I don't know what to think of that- I've never seen anything like this, but I am able to get the bottle now.

Having what we need I head back out.

We go through the door and hope to never see this place again.

I can hear Splicers inside the Ice Skate Rental place to the left.

I go inside quickly and take everyone out- they won't forget what happened to them.

I find three guys. I pop one at a time, keeping my aim steady. The carbine has a kick with it's multiple shot rounds, but I am able to dispatch them with little trouble.

Then we head back towards the Pneumo rail area where we started.