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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode One Walkthrough Sally

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As the doors open I see Sally crawling into a vent ahead with a Splicer on her tail. I take aim and splatter his brains into the wall and run ahead. "Sally!"

She doesn't listen, as she hides in the vents. Even Elizabeth isn't able to coax her out.

Elizabeth believes we'll have to trap her in order to get her to come out. She makes a plan that seems devious- even for me, or her for that matter. She wants to shut all the vents but the main one and turn up the heat. I am momentarily taken aback but she insists it's the only way.

I find a shotgun on a bench that may come in handy so I pick it up.

She says we have to close five more vents so we go through the door in the back. Elizabeth makes quick work of the locks.

Inside, more Splicers wait for us below.

I head down and quickly leave a freeze trap to take out three of the bastards. A frozen Splicer heads round to see what the ruckus is and I land a bullet in his head.

I then close the vent they were standing by, as part of Elizabeth's plan. That leaves us with four.

Then I head up the stairs towards the Bistro.

At the end of the walkway I use a vending machine to restock on ammo.

Then we go in to the Bistro on the right.

There are Splicers here so I quickly make sure to put them down before they do more harm.

After searching the area I head down the stairs in the back of the Bistro.

I stay low, and ask if Elizabeth can use her plasmid to create a diversion. I got a good hunch we'll need it.

Sure enough two Splicers are scavenging below.

The turret Elizabeth created is useful but I put the two in their graves just as the turret blows up.

Then I head to the back, right side, area and close the third vent. We now have three more to go.

As I head up the stairs I hear more voices and ready my gun.

Three more Splicers are waiting upstairs so I make sure to bring down the thunder in steady fashion- staying low so as not to take too many shots.

Then we head back out of the Bistro through the front door.

I hear more voices as we head through the door. My demons are crazy but these are more like entitled junkies. I know what that means.

I get a bead on five of them as three more head up the staircase. I make sure to gun them down quickly.

Then I head towards the stairs on the left going up to the Appliances- Toys.

Through the door and the sight is eerie. Baby strollers line the hallway and the decay of childrens dreams lay waste as we head towards the next door ahead.

On the other side I catch sight of several more Splicers needing a sign.

I stay low and head to the right taking down each freak as they get in my sights.

When it's clear I head towards the customer service desk and around into the door.

On the left I find another audio log.

At the back I close another vent. Then there was two.

As I head out of the Customer Service office I stay low and move left. I know if there are any more Splicers I'd prefer to have an eagle eye on them before they can do the same.

Around the corner I find there's a turret waiting for me so I quickly head back into cover.

I take stock and find a red barrel nearby that can do a trick for me. I take aim and quickly disintegrate anything in my way.

Then we head down, and I ask Elizabeth to let us inside the door. She has no trouble picking it and getting us in.

It's some kind of bridal parlor. I stay low as I hear music and murmurs inside.

I head to the right and see what looks like a lady dancing in the center. No cause for alarm yet, but I decide to take it easy and I stay low heading towards the counter on the right.

I find an audio log behind the counter. Listening to it leaves one a bit dismayed. I can't help but feel this may be the lady on the other side of this counter.

I slow head around the counter and see some clothes on the counter on my right so I pick it up. I may find this useful.

I stay low and move towards her. I don't often expect the best, but I was hopeful she could still be reasoned with. Unfortunately she drew on me and I had to take her out.

Elizabeth wasn't to pleased with the outcome, but there wasn't much I could do about this one.

I left that place behind, another dark tale I'd sooner forget.

Heading back up the stairs outside I hear more Splicers coming up on us.

I threw out a fire trap to take out a few of them.

Then I contend with a frozen Splicer, making short work of him with the business end of my shotgun.

We then head over to the bookstore at the far side of the causeway.

I can see one already heading up the stairs. I don't even bother waiting this time, and I head to the right when she's dead.

I see another one around the pillar ahead so I shoot him quick.

Another frozen Splicer wants my number, but I aint letting up now. I take him down too.

I find another one hiding by the counter near the stairs, as one of his bullets whizzes past me, so I take him out.

I head up the stairs to the second floor.

It seems kind of ironic. Splicers have no use for books but they hold up here because it is a place familiar to them. It probably some sort of truth in the back of their minds; or maybe they just think it's easier to hold up here. I head to the left, my thoughts lingering a bit.

I suddenly come up on a turret and take a few shots to the vest. I make short work of it though with a fire plasmid.

Then I turn to the right where the vent is on the wall.

I close it shut, just as planned. One vent left.

We head back out of the bookstore.

From the bookstore door I head to the left. On the wall is the last vent we need to close.

I can hear Sally from the vent, but she doesn't respond to our calls.

I close the last vent and Elizabeth says the exhaust is in the toy store.

Before leaving I stock up on ammo at the vending machine behind me.

Then I head towards the Showroom on the left.

It's locked, but Elizabeth deals with that.

Once inside we find more Splicers below.

I take them down, steadying my aim as I take a few shots to the ribs.

We head towards the back and find a door. I try to head inside, but it won't budge (Note: You have to head into the door like normal, as the doors auto open in this game, but this door wont open. Once you try to go through the door it will trigger them figuring out the door is locked).

Elizabeth beckons me to the left side and points out a vent above.

She believes she can climb through in order to open the door from the other side so I give her a boost.

I wait as she tries to unlock the door but it takes more time than usual and I hear some restless Splicers approaching.

I turn around and take cover as several Splicers attack me.

I take out my shotgun for my crowd control as more of them keep coming.

In total I have to take down seven of the fiends before Elizabeth is able to get the door open.

Then I head inside with Elizabeth in tow.

After searching the lockers I head up the stairs on the left.

I continue searching lockers as I go up the stairs.

More pain in my skull. More flashes and thoughts.

I notice a path back behind us so I head over to where some water is spraying out.

I freeze the water and head across.

I find some clothes on a desk on the other side and other supplies.

On a desk I find another audio log.

I also check the room in the back. There isn't much but I get another lockpick for Elizabeth out of it.

Then I head back towards the stairs.

And we continue our ascent up.

At the top I search the area for more supplies. I get this gut feeling that there's more surprises ahead and I want to be ready for it.

When I'm done searching I head out the door on the back right of the room and down the stairs.

I can see the main vent ahead and Elizabeth runs ahead to check it.

There's no sign of Sally here.

I head around the partition into the door behind it.

On the other side we move down the hallway and around another central wall.

I see a door on the left. There's nothing else here so we go in there.

Inside we find the central exhaust valve. I can't... I can't bring myself to burn a little girl like that. I ask Elizabeth to do it.

She does it without a second thought. Sometimes she seems like she can be so cruel.

So we head back out, and I can see Sally in the vent ahead.

"Sally!" I cry, but it doesnt seem to be working. Elizabeth beckons me to head back to the central area outside.

I run quickly to make my way back to the main vent.

The only way she can get out now is through here. I get there as fast as I can.

I want to turn it off. We're hurting her- I know it. Elizabeth refuses, though.

"Sally, it's me" I exclaim. She is still hesitant. I don't think she even recognizes me anymore.

I tell her she must come out, but she only fights me more.

Just then I hear a loud groan and I quickly turn around to see a big daddy. I dash to the side as he tosses a drill my way. That was close.

I quickly head to the nearest Pneumo rail and jump on.

I take pot shots at the beast from above as I glide across the rail as quickly as I can.

It throws it's drill at me continuously pulling me forward. I am only momentarily stunned as I quickly back away.

I ask Elizabeth to do something as she brings in some kind of armored robot to fend off the Big Daddy which takes a bit of the attention off of me.

It gives me enough time to pull out my shotgun and blast away at it's face.

Keeping mobile; I jump back on the rail and take more pot shots from above.

The automaton seems to be doing just the trick as it keeps the Big Daddy preoccupied while I shoot at it from a distance.

I fling myself at the Big Daddy, I think it's ready to go down.

That's all it needed to find it's peace.

I quickly run back up to the main vent.

I try to reason with Sally to get her to come out. I show her the doll head I retained for her.

More flashes. More memories. What...?

What have I done?

Comstock. I'm Comstock. I've done terrible things.

I am told of the wrongs that need righting, but I suddenly already know. I... remember things I came here to forget.

"I'm so sorry," I cry. I mean it, but she is cold to the sentiment.

"No, you're not" she tells me as she takes the dolls head. "But you're about to be," she whispers.

The sting peircing my stomach. I gasp in agony. Big Daddy has drilled me from behind as the lights fade out.

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