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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode One Walkthrough Dewitt Investigations

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Haunted by the nightmares of my past. My dreams- flickers of mistakes I've made. I am awakened suddenly by a rapping on the front door.

I told her that I'm closed, but this doesn't sway her as she stops by my window and asks for a light.

With a flick of the wrist, I light a plasmid flame for the dame and ask for her name. "Elizabeth" she says. "You can call me Elizabeth."

I knew from the moment she walked in nothing would ever be the same. She tells me she is looking for Sally. "That's impossible," I retort. "She's dead."

She quickly responds, no doubt in her voice "Missing isn't dead." She leaves me knowing I'll follow behind- needing to follow behind her. I must know more.

Before following her I go to the back of the room and pick up some loose change off my desk.

Then I head for the door. I'm a bit out of sorts, but this case is too intriguing to ignore. There's nothing to go back to but the solemn nature of my shallow existence.

I'm greeted by that vulturous banner Ryan put up. "No Gods. Only man, or kings" it says. As if to contrast the arrogance of such things she stands there- almost mockingly.

"Where's Sally," I request. She only beckons me to follow her. She seems to already have something in mind.

I follow her down the stairs, and past the news stand. The sounds of the elitist aristocracy filling the air.

"What is she to you?" I wonder. She only gives vague impression of Sally's importance, and changes the subject to the fact that she already has a lead. She needs me because of my talent- she says.

We continue on- past the lounge and the diners. Up the stairs and past the little wonders educational facility.

She stops at a line of little sisters being given instruction. "What happened to these children?" She questions with a faint sense of disgust levelled with anger that rivals my own.

Where has she been? After explaining their fate we continue on down the stairs.

We continue on past the "Pneumo! Postal" machine and up the stairs.

The steady hum of the Big Daddy outside rattles my brain. I really shouldn't drink so much, but the demons don't stop talking otherwise. I head on past the scene of man made slavery.

We continue on, past the "Fontaine's" sign. Apparently Fontaine's has been shut down. I don't really like to follow politics, but one can't help but wonder what really happened down there.

We move on, though, thoughts only fleeting. We go up the stairs on the left of the sign as we move towards the elevator by the gaudy statues that help the troglodytes feel more empowered by their conviction.

How she remains unaware of the basic nuances of this place I'll never know. She certainly isn't telling as she presses the button to lead us onto the elevator and forward. She remains mysterious as I ask how she knows where to go.

I press the button to get the elevator going. She knows more of my secrets than I'd care for and I'm not sure why that is or if it's in my interest.

A flash in my head- pain. I get spells sometimes and images in my head. I don't know what they mean, but I know it will pass.

The elevator opens, and we're greeted by a pastey waiter who offers us refreshment. "We're fine, thanks" I reply and he zips off to his next customer.

I head forward into the dining area and pick up any change left on the tables. Being a private detective in a place where people can basically see and hear what they want doesn't always pay the best. Stealing tips is the easiest of sins I can make.

We move ahead, and to the left of the bar. Elizabeth leads me towards Cohen's place. She says her contact is inside.

We attempt to enter- the dame says shes part of "The Artists struggle" but the buster at the door ain't buyin' and says we should blow unless we got an invitation.

Elizabeth mentions that the party we aren't invited to is sponsored by three businesses. One of these should have the mask we need to get inside.

We head back out, and up the stairs- going around the fountain on the left.

As we approach our first heist I question her motives again. She wants me to believe she is here to recieve payment on a debt. I don't know that bird will fly, but she seems set on reaching Sally and that's just fine by me.

We head down the stairs, and inside "The Golden Rule." It's a jewelry shop, and a high class one. Being that Rapture has it's fairest of shares of upper class money I'm sure it has a high stake in this terrace.

As I go to enter, she stops me to ask how we plan on getting the prize. I let her know she can distract the proprietor as I look around more discretely. She seems to be understanding and says she can handle it.

Once inside I tell the clerk that Elizabeth has questions. He heads over to see how he can help.

While she speaks with him I head around the front desk and into the back.

I search all the boxes on the shelves, but there's nothing but jewels which find new home in my pockets. No mask, though.

I look further around the back and come up to an open safe.

The mask case is here, but it's already gone. This joint is an empty hand so I turn and head back out.

As I round the front desk I find that the proprietor is out cold. I guess Elizabeth has more to her than meets the eye.

We head outside and Elizabeth asks if I found it, but I have to impress that this shop is empty as we head towards the next place.

We head up the stairs and to the right.

Through the door that was on the left side we continue up on the right side of the bar area past the German cigar stall.

We head inside the Rapture records store.

I tell him to treat her like a star and the chump is quick to please.

I think she's having a little too much fun as I head around the front desk and into the back room.

I search the room, but there's nothing much here. On the desk lay a box marked Cohen. It must be that, but as I open it I find another dead end.

I let her know this one is a bust and that we now have one place left to check.

So we head up the stairs on the left towards the artists struggle.

Continuing on to the left we head up the next flight of stairs.

At the top, on my left, I see one of those Kinetoscope machines next to some slots.

After taking a second to see what more propaganda Ryan wants to spread I continue forward (right from the Kinetoscope machine) and I can see the "Artists Struggle" ahead.

Once inside I give him the same spiel I gave all the other schmucks. Luckily one thing not lacking in Rapture is ego, and they are all ready to share some of it.

He goes around front to give her his lecturing he probably gives a thousands times a day and I slip by around the desk to the back.

I look around, but there isn't much. Some old beans and empty canvas'. As I reach the far back I find his mask box.

Bingo. I grab the mask and head back to the front.

She plays it cool as she finds an exit to their conversation and we quickly head back out of this over indulgent ego trap.

I tell her she did well, for a kid, and she tells me she learned from the best. I guess her father gave her some good advice.

We head back up the stairs to the movie machine and stay on the right.

Continuing, we go down the stairs further. We can see Cohen's place from here.

We move on to Cohen's, and I decide to go inside. I put on the mask so there's no questioning our invitation.

The doorman lets us inside now so we head through the bright hall inside towards the back.

There's another doorman in the back ready to open the way.

Like a carnival ride the hall goes dark. Then some rabbit ears light up ahead of us leading us to an inner sanctum of shrewd debauchery.

Someone clearly enjoys himself. I head forward into the room. Cohen's reputation precedes him as an eccentric. Everyone in Rapture is on the high rope of eccentricity about to fall off into brazen madness, though, so he's just another rich facist with his own intentions as far as I'm concerned.

So, we head to the right. Down the spiraling stairs.

I can tell as I head down that Cohen likes it rough. Even from the stairs I can see two birds dancing in the center with Cohen giving abusive instruction like a drunken father not getting the retribution he so desperately desires.

I head around to the left, admiring the decor. Red suits him I think.

Cohen is not pleased with his muses, and I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. If he's ready to do that to his guests one can only imagine what he'll do to the two crashers in his midst.

I continue around on the left, taking only a moment to puzzle over the strange rabbit with the red eyes.

As we come around, we find Cohen in a state of dejected disappointment.

I want to ask him a few questions, and he seems to want to be cooperative. He bares strange omens, but requests that we dance.

If it wasn't for Elizabeth I wouldn't even oblige this psychopath. She knows better, though, that this is the only way. She asks me to take her hand, and I decide it best to oblige.

We dance, and I share dark secrets. Suchong doesn't have Sally, and I know it. Elizabeth is a bit bemused by this, but takes it in stride.

It would seem, almost as if precognition served no purpose, Cohen does what I would expect he would do and the shock rattles my bones and drops us both to the floor.

It sometimes seems as though others can read me better than I can understand myself. Even Cohen, as I begin to pass out, extends tidings that bare certain relevance to my past- or vague recollections I have of it. Then I am once again reminded of the darkness.