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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode One Walkthrough Heading back to the Tram

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I hear more Splicers as I head to the right.

I take my shot as a billy club swipes by my head.

I ask Elizabeth to use that fancy plasmid she has to bring out a Samurai as I take down a few more rabid dogs.

When all is said and done I head to the 'Circus of Values' vending machine, on the left side of the balcony, to resupply some ammo.

Then I look up towards the Pneumo rail above and jump to it with the air grabber.

I speed down the rail, jumping rails when I need to course correct.

When I see the 'Fontaine Menswear' sign I jump back down and head towards the door.

We head back through the door and out towards menswear.

On the other side I keep to the right so as not to be seen. I head down the stairs back towards the front desk below.

I see a Splicer hanging about so I take him down before he has a chance to make trouble for me.

Then we head around to the other side of the partioned walls.

We jump across by using the hook above again.

As I move to the right I quickly notice there's more Splicers waiting for us.

I silently move to the left side stairs and I see if Elizabeth can get us a distraction that helps us remove our obstacles.

Then I head out the front door so we can get back to the tram.

The door to the tram section is just on the right.

From the other side we go down the right stairs where the water is all that's left of the bridgeway.

As I freeze the water to make a bridge Elizabeth questions me about Sally. I'm not really interested in talking about it- we all make mistakes and the devil rides my back all day.

I head across the makeshift bridge of ice and try not to answer any of Elizabeth's meddling questions. What does she care anyway?

Around the other side of the piano I find a stack of gold and coins I quickly recover. If we're going to make it out of here we're gonna need supplies and the best way for it is to take all the cash we grab.

I turn back around and head into the tram area. I search all the abandoned luggage, but quickly make my way to the bathosphere.

Inside we decide to leave now. There's nothing here for us and Sally isn't going to be in any less danger with us sticking around.

I question her being here, but she gives more vague descriptions with a short admittance that she definitely isn't here for the fanatical lawmakers. I am burdened, though, by my demons and decide to let her in on my unclean past.