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Blade Kitten Walkthrough Dreadnaught

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This boss-fight is fairly easy but with instant-kills if you get too careless.

Once the boss gets close to the platform to fire its laser, get even closer to her and throw your sword into the mecha, using (M2). Then pull her close..

And melee-hit her violently into the cliffs.

Every once in a while, she will use her drill to destroy the platforms below you. When this happens, either run to the other side or stay climbed/attached/impaled to your current roof.

It makes great cover being climbed onto the floor when she destroys the crystals.

Keep slashing and blasting her up once she fires the laser.

And be ready to evacuate the floor at any given moment.

Pay in mind that floors will come in different designs as you get further up.

After 5-6 hits, she should eventually get defeated and initiate a long cutscene, ending the game.

And that concludes our Blade Kitten, "Episode 1" walkthrough!