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Blade Kitten Walkthrough Sisterhood

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Head down the valley and start going down-left once you can't go right anymore.

Talk to the NPC to be taken to the next area.

Head down through the floor after the cutscene.

This area will be very straight-forward. Down and right with a lot of flying bugs around. Take your time and destroy every cocoon you see.

Eventually, a new enemy will be introduced. They will be similar as Noot, capable of breaking through walls with some "encouragement".

Lure the new foe to destroy the walls for you by hitting him and latching onto said wall or roof.

Head further down after the segment of walls have been destroyed and jump across the goo pit using the floating rocks.

Grab the artifact on the altar..

And make a run towards the left after the cutscene.

After the soldiers steal the Artifact from you, smash through them and head left & up.

Keep fighting until you finally get outside and into a nearby car, ending the level.