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Once you got the risk, run through the battlefield to the right and scale the large "castle" wall and gate.

When you are inside, head upwards through all the wood platforms and enemy ninjas.

Interact with the button to open the way further up.

You will eventually reach a conveyer belt of boxes. Latch onto them from underbeneath and hitch a ride further up.

Once you reach the first ground, get onto their left side to avoid being shot off by lasers.

Then once you reach the next ground, swap between from being ontop of them to being on the bottom.. There will be lasers on the floor and ceiling.

Once you're past the lasers and outside, you will encounter a boss. Whack him repeatedly at his legs

Avoid his barrage of attacks while he's off the ground and wait for your next opportunity to hit him.

Once he's dead, grab the cash bonus of 10000 and start climbing up the wall on your right.

You will arrive at a large hall. Smash through the floor in the middle before the mist gets too thick.

There will be a tons of floor you have to get through. All are quite shined up so it shouldn't be a problem locating them.

Keep going down & right and you should eventually reach this NPC.

After the cutscene, dash right, out of the castle and start climbing up the cliff, ending the level.