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Blade Kitten Walkthrough Exodus

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Go right and use the elevator down.

Once down, head right and start working yourself further down.

Buttons to cages will come up. Interact with them after killing all the baddies.

Take the next elevator down.

Work yourself through some more baddies and you should arrive "outside" again on a large section of pipes. Remember that you can only walljump on these things, not climb.

Squeeze yourself through the narrow path ahead and get on the giant fan.

Once up, you should discover a huge set of spinning cogwheels. Run under them and then up on the wall.

At the edge, jump from the cogwheel onto the wall and climb up.

Smash yourself down the brittle floor.

Once down, open the cage and keep going right & up. You'll come to a small laser puzzle. When the laser is at the opposite side of you, run under the car.

After the puzzle, you should be back to the more open spaces with wood platforms.

When you come to a large laser cannon, go up a pair of steps..

And ruin the machine. This will unlock the cannon for your use.

Once used, the door will "open" and you can proceed.

Continue through the marketplace until you come to another "car". The level will then end.