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Blade Kitten Walkthrough War On Terra

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"After watching the opening cutscene, you'll take your first steps in the world of Blade Kitten. The circles to your bottom left on the HUD symbolizes your HP and stamina. Start off by going to the right and fighting some baddies.

Once you passed the pushover baddies by using (M1), jump up against the wall using (SPACE) to make Kit Ballard (The character) attach herself to the surface and start climbing.

Continue up until you reach solid ground and go right.

At this point, you should familiarize yourself with the double jump feature. Head onwards until you reach a cliff. Jump up to where the men in the red armor are shooting you.

Once they are dealt with, go left and get on the jumping pad.

It will violently propel you upwards.

Once up, you'll see your first "Checkpoint". It is easily recognized through the intensive pink lightning and smoke.

Go on until you meet a door. Press (E) to interact and open it.

Eventually, you'll reach a laser, blocking the path to a button. Use your (M2) to initiate a ranged attack with your blade, activating the button without having Kit touch the laer.

Once activted, the platform will go up, allowing you to proceed.

When it does, you need to have your mouse pointer towards or under the ground and press (Q). This will make Kit impale her sword into whatever surface you were pointing towards and hold onto her blade.

This will be necessary for you to pass the strong turbulences up above.

Once at the top, head left and you'll meet the first "hard" units. They will very often parry your average melee attacks and will require for you to either flank them or attack them with a ranged attack to cause damage. It's often just best to avoid them all-together, Kit being very agile.

Up ahead, you'll come to a series of vertical pipes that cannot be climbed. Instead, walljump yourself up in quick succession by jumping against one surface, then pressing jump again to elevate yourself higher and higher without stopping.

Next up is the introduction of "precision" platforms that will (to a major degree) guide your jumps, making you land ontop of them.

After that the game also introduces huge blocks that occasionally dive into the ground, giving you a small lapse of time to run under them safetly to get to the other side. Get caught beneath and you will instantly die.

Following the series of baddies, you will be introduced to yet another game-concept in the form of a bunch of brittle walls. Smash them with your sword to create a passage.

Once through the wall, head down.

Be careful around these cogwheels. Get caught in anything and Kit will instantly die.

Jump off to the right and continue forward before you get smashed.

Keep going right and you'll eventually reach a "loading bay", swarming with enemies. Jump on/over the cars and take out any bad guys you see or simply keep going right.

Up ahead there will be a large "laser" gate with baddies coming out from a ship towards you. Kill all the baddies in the area to make the gate deactivate.

More crushing blocks up ahead with treadmills between. Take it slow and steady, wait for the opportunity and then do controlled sprints to the other side or get crushed.

Head down the shaft after deactivating the button and get ready for more tricky crushing block puzzles including a large flaming pit. Get familiar with the concept of sprint-jumping or die. Alot.

Up ahead will be the first "Brittle" floor introduced to you. Jump up twice, hold in your attack button and then press downwards to initiate a floor-smashing manouver.

Down from there will be a button behind a laser. Ranged-attack it until it activates, giving you passage.

You'll then be introduced to a "warp bubble". It will teleport you (often close-by) where either a crucial part of passage will be or just treasure.

In this case, It's crucial to open the laser-gate where you crushed the floor.

When you get out from the warp by going to the left, you'll be brought back to the treadmills. Run left and be cautious of the crushing blocks.

Once past the blocks, you will run into another puzzle. There are lasers in a shaft and upwards going boxes. Latch on with (Q) or simply climb onto the opposite sides of the lasers.

As the boxes traverse upwards, you will need to swap to the other sides.

Once you see the tight row of lasers, jump off to the right.

Head onwards and activate the red circle when you see it to turn off the laser gate.

Run up ahead and the next cutscene should start, ending the level.