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Blade Kitten Walkthrough Chasing Justice

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At the start of the level, you'll start close to a pink dinosaur, resembling a giant velociraptor in stature. This is Noot. He will help you traverse a lot of terrain up ahead in the game. Mount him by getting close and pressing (E) and start running right.

You will eventually come to a pair of "sewage" pipes. If either you or Noot touches it, you'll die. Dismount Noot using (E)..

And get up on the construct.

There will be another pottal at the top. Go into it, defeat the enemies inside, interact with the machinery and go back to Noot.

Once the green disposal is gone, move onward with Noot and once you reach the rock pillar, sprint with Noot by using (Left Shift) to make him smash the rocks down in his way.

Keep your stamina up and move onwards.

You will eventually reach a large building, blocking your way.

Dismount Noot and pass the building by walking beneath it and destroy the machinery on the other side to clear the way.

Once passed, you will come to a large ravine with a broken-down bridge. Sprint-jump on the very ledge on your end to reach the other side using Noot.

Up ahead, the game will start to introduce other breakable objects, including this debri. Smash it using Noot.

When you run into the bunch of rocks down in the cave, get off Noot and proceed on foot. You'll come across a large military complex. Start cleaning house.

Destroy the machines using your companion..

And a way should be cleared for you to go back to Noot and continue onward.

There will be a large crescent construct that blocks your path. Run up to the left, activate the button and start making the crescent machinery move back and forth to let both Kit and Noot pass.

More bad guys ahead after the blockage. Clean them out.

Reunite with Noot a bit up ahead..

And continue moving forward until you come to a large valley with seemingly gigantic red squids crossing the plains. Avoid them at all cost since they will 1-hit kill you and Noot by the slighest touch.

Slow and steady wins the race. Seeing them coming from a 2.5d field can be a bit tricky determinating their paths but in a worst-case scenario, trial and error will be needed at this part.

Half-way through the plains, you will also start to come across spiked mushrooms. These things act like landmines and when stepped upon, they will blow away 75% of your HP.

Continue onward and feel free to ignore the red soldier enemies. They have no chance of catching up to you, even less hitting.

Following the scarce amount of enemy soldiers, you will be treated to a cutscene and then a chase with Justice. Run to the right as fast as you can, avoiding any mushrooms and taking good use of the sprint-jump speeds.

During the chase, another HUD will pop up to your top-right, displaying how far behind Justice is. Beat her in the "race" and the level will be complete.