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Blade Kitten Walkthrough Urb Ex

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Run up the hill to your right.

Keep going all the way right until you hit a stop. When you do, start heading left and then downwards. Don't forget to destroy any weak objects in your way.

Eventually, you should reach a "ventilation" system. Golden rule is to head downwards and a bit right for now.

Go anywhere else than that and you're likely to run into treasure. Explore as desired.

The occasional (Space, Space, M1, Down) may be needed to crack through some floors.

There will also be arrows at some of the more confusing sections. Follow them accordingly and continue going down.

Once you hit the sewers, pipes will become a common sight in your path. Remember to wall-jump off them or climb another surface.

Buttons behind lasers will also be common. Get comfortable with that (M2) button.

Converse with any NPC's you'll come across. They will be plenty and often necessary to proceed further into the game. (ESC) skips the cutscenes.

The terrain will have a high likelyhood of being confusing at this point. Remember to head up and that Kit can easily escalate up any roof.

Some enemy soldiers up ahead. Fight then talk to the nearby NPC afterwards.

You're very likely to come across a gigantic cogwheel and a filtering laser. Getting through with the laser on is possible but VERY difficult but not necessary. Instead, head left and down.

Activate the nearby button beneath and your path should be clear.

Interact with any functions and start walking inbetween the moving lasers.

Once free, jump further down and then right.

Spike mushrooms ahead. Same rule goes here, don't touch and climb the roof instead.

Once you hit a dead end, start going up again by using the wooden pillars.

Keep going up and get beneath the narrow path ahead by using (Left Control) to slide.

Up here, you will be re-introduced to the jumping pillars. This time, they will ocassionally splurt out flame, making them unavailable to stand on. Learn the routine and get over.

Keep going up, up, up. Walljump where there are pipes.

Remember to climb the roof. It is almost necessary more than half of the time during these parts. Smash the fluorescent tubes you come across if you want extra money.

Some overly complicated map layout ahead. Ignore it if you don't want treasures and keep going up, then right.

Seeing pink checkpoints means you're on the right path. Small fight ahead, take out the enemy soldiers to proceed.

Once the soldiers are dead, go up and meet the next set of pillar-jumping challenges. This time, you also have sewers both above and beneath you, causing insta-deaths.

Once you reach this part, go up, talk to the NPC, then go more up and clear out the enemies while activating the buttons to open this door.

Talk to the NPC, get the door open and take the elevator up.

Once up, work yourself through the next batch of enemies before proceeding through the laser gate.

After that, keep going left and work yourself up the city.

When you have sufficient amount of height, start going right to a great, big wall. Climb up under the balcony and the level is complete.