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Blade Kitten Walkthrough Vor Hunting

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Head left and get on Noot.

Stop once you reach the segment of sewage pipes and scale the construct on foot.

There will be a series of buttons you will have to interact with.

Once done, jujmp down the other side and make the "Vor" destroy the wall.

When at the other side, make your companion trigger the last button..

And reunite with Noor.

Eventually, you will reach a brittle bridge. Sprint-jump through it and work yourself through the valley ahead down.

Two sewage pipes will be blocking your way once again. When this occurs, go left and activate the button.

Once they are dealt with, go right and watch out for falling down in any pits or holes. Sprint-jumping with Noot is golden.

More sewage pipes ahead.

Get off Noot and make your companion get rid of them.

Once outside, head left and work yourself through the small segments of ventilation-shafts under the bridge.

Keep going until you reach a huge Vor, running around on a building. Kill him and the level is complete.