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Blade Kitten Walkthrough Hidden Fortress

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Head right and climb the segments of walls.

This level will also be relatively simple, mostly featuring a city with platforms.

Head up and go right.

Your objective will be to find these NPC's and talk to them while working yourself upwards.

When you meet the first one, head left.

Once you are at a sufficient height, the next NPC's location will be hinted. Go there and fight off any nearby enemies, orelse you won't be able to talk to the NPC.

When you meet the third and final "witch", run right.

Jump down any potentially risky ravines or fjords..

And talk to the NPC once you run into the big gate in order to open it.

After that, there will be segments of platforms, forcing you to go up, left, up, right, up, left, up, right.-

Jump down the ravine..

And into the giant mecha boss, ending the level.