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BloodRayne Walkthrough Act 2 - Argentina: Daemite Chamber

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This area has only some lesser daemites to worry about. You have to reach the heart at the center to find the artifact you were looking for.

Use the branch in front to get across the water.

Jump on top of this branch to get back to the other side and closer to your objective.

Jumping on top of the flowers will spawn more daemites. Jump down the ground and go to your left.

A branch will be lower enough to jump onto. Follow it up.

Afterwards jump on the very thin looking branch and just walk forward. It will lead you to the heart.

Jump on top of the heart and get down the hole.

Rayne finds a crystal skull. It holds the eye of Beliar. You can use it to enter a 'sniper mode' by pressing 2.

The nazis make a tunnel to the daemite chamber and intend to blow everything up.

Climb the branch next to the heart and jump from it to another lower branch that will get you close enough to the hole the nazis made. It can be a tricky jump.

Hit the red lever to send the drilling machine and the explosives down the daemite chamber.