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BloodRayne Walkthrough Act 2 - Argentina: Temple Guardians

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In this area don't drop down immediately. Run around until you see a ledge you can jump on.

Hit the green eye on top.

This will unlock the gate at the base of the big 'tree'.

Drop down to the ground and enter the now opened hole. There will be a guardian inside. You don't need to kill him but he can become annoying if you fail to jump up the ledges properly.

When you go inside the guardian infested tree look up and start jumping on the ledges.

If you cannot reach an upper ledge you might have to jump on top of a lamp to get to higher ground.

When you get to the top a cutscene will play. A big mushroom thing is above you. Prepare for a fight.

The three guardians you need to kill are here. Use your blood rage and circle around them until they are dead.

When you kill the guardians the mushroom will lower itself.

Get up to a higher ground.

Use a branch to get even higher.

When you reach the top jump across on the mushroom.

Run up towards the tunnel.

Hit the green eye to enter the next map.