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BloodRayne Walkthrough Act 2 - Argentina: Deep

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In the mines the daemite infestation rages on.

One of your targets runs away.

You will have to find a detonator and explosives to blow up the sealed tunnel and go deeper into the mines.

Find a crack in the wall and go through there.

Move through a small door.

Go to your left and follow the 'waschraum' sign.

Go left from here.

Enter the double doors and prepare for your next target.

He will be surrounded by daemites.

Get the detonator from his body after you kill him.

Time to find the explosives. Follow the 'explosiv' sign.

Pass a moving gate with a sign.

Pass a second gate.

When you pass the third gate you will find the explosives.

You will find them next to a pack of boxes.

Get back to the starting area and approach the collapsed tunnel on the left.

Run away when the explosives are set.

Go through the newly created passage.

Proceed forward.

Hit the switch to go deeper.