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BloodRayne Walkthrough Act 2 - Argentina: The Laboratory

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Some daemite will try to suffocate you with poison gas.

Shoot the windows and the gas will kill everything instantly. Then go inside through the windows.

Hit a switch inside that room and a gate will open behind you. Proceed to there.

Get up to the second floor in this hall.

You will find a switch up there.

Hit the switch to open a gate downstairs. Proceed through there.

Go to your right and follow the path.

You will see one of your special targets 'Kommando'. He will run away for now.

Enter the room with windows.

Go to your right when you enter.

Destroy the wall on your right to make a path.

Make another path on the wall to your right. Beware the daemites in the chambers. They can get out easily.

Go through the leftmost window. You can pass only through windows that don't have bars in the middle.

Break through another set of windows.

One last wall to destroy in this room.

Pass through the door on you right.

Keep going forward to reach a big hall.

Kommando and his men will attack you. This boss can throw flashbangs at you and teleport himself somewhere else. Just move around the level to find him again. Use his men as moving healthpacks.

This map has three floors. Jump around the floors to search for the boss if you can't see him.

After you kill Kommando go to the second floor and hit a switch.

Go to the third floor to exit. Floow the path.

You will find another officer beyound the next gate.

A cutscene will play. He tells you about the daemites and releases poison gas on you. Kill him by shooting the windows just like before.