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BloodRayne Walkthrough Act 2 - Argentina: The Barracks

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At first you will see a locked door for the basement. You will go there later. Go through the corridor on your right instead.

Keep going down this corridor.

Go to your right and follow the 'barracken' sign.

Move past the area with bunks.

Enter the door with sign 'speisesaal'.

You will find the mess hall. Go to your right to enter the kitchen.

Your next target is inside the kitchen.

A cutscene will play. Sounds like the nazis have other problems as well.

Backtrack through the corridors and enter the 'lager'. You will find the turnkey for the basement in a soldier with grey uniform around this area.

Move past the big storage.

Use the turnkey on the gate at the start of the level and go down.

Go down the hall and turn right. Get some guns from the halftracks.

One of your targets escapes deeper underground.

Go towards the big gate.

Use the green switch and move past the gate.

The next gate will lead you to the basements.