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BloodRayne Walkthrough Act 2 - Argentina: Thule Chapel

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This area is small but contains one special target. Continue through the door.

Move past the area with cells.

Continue forward past the lit candles.

When you enter the next hall a cutscene will play. You are introduced to the high priest of the nazis.

He will be positioned on a moving armored platform that will go back and forth across the room.

When he stops shooting you to reload use your slow motion to get behind him and shoot him in the back. Repeat until dead. If you are in need of health you can feed on the soldiers that keep coming. Use your guns only on the boss.

When you defeat him a new ability will be unlocked. I don't recommend using it because it is only one attack and uses up 1/3 of your rage meter. It's best to just use your blood rage.

Backtrack to where you came from and leave this area. Beware that more nazis will come. New enemies will spawn through areas you have previously cleaned.

When you exit the chapel area go to your right and use the swith with green light to enter the communications area.