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BloodRayne Walkthrough Act 2 - Argentina: Lurking Underground

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The officer drives deeper into the basement.

Follow him down the long corridor.

You hear the nazis getting attacked by something. Wait for the gate to close then enter through there.

When you reach the end of the next hall look to your right and pass through some windows. Then go on the second floor.

Pass through the windows on the second floor.

Next an explosion will break the windows above a malfunctioning gate. Enter through the windows.

In the next room break the crates to find some guns.

At the end you will see a small room. You can go inside only through the leftmost window .

When you enter the room a cutscene will play. You are introduced to the parasitic daemites. They can take over the bodies of the nazis but are fairly weak on their own.

Hit the switch with red light to open a gate.

Go through the gate that just opened.

Hit the green switch in the next room to leave this area.