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Braid Walkthrough World 1

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Climb up the new ladder in your house.

You'll find an attic. This is actually World 1. Enter the door.

Read the story and go in the far-right door.

This is World 1-4.

You'll notice the enemies move in reverse. Stand where they come up through the ground.

They will now walk on the ground. Bounce off one to get up to the door.

Exit through the door.

Now you'll come to World 1-3.

Again, the enemies go in reverse. Stomp on the enemy as it comes out of the ground.

Climb up the ladder and wait for the enemy to reverse up to you.

Bounce off the enemy's head to reach the door.

This is World 1-2.

Bounce off the enemy's head again. You probably want to do this to two enemies.

When the first enemy goes upward, bounce on his head, launching you up with him. It may take several tries.

Then ride up on the enemy's head, landing on the platform to your upper-left.

Now when the second enemy comes, bounce off its head and land at the door.

Exit to the next level through the door.

And now you've reached the final level, World 1-1, "Braid".

Your nemesis will have the princess. She'll scream for help.

Your nemesis will knock down a platform, letting you head right.

The princess will pull switches at the top to help you. She'll open this wall for you.

Keep heading right. You'll come to a pipe with a snapping plant. If you can't seem to get by it, rewind and try to be faster.

There will be a wall blocking your path. The princess will lower it just in time, so you don't get burned by the fire wall.

Jump into the spike pit when the fire gets close to you.

You should land on a platform the princess lifts for you.

You'll come to a cannon shooting fireballs. Jump over the fireballs, then climb the ladder and pull the time-proof lever.

Rewind to just before you got to the cannon.

Dodge the first fireball, then climb down and head right. The cannon shouldn't fire anymore.

Quickly get through the lattice. When you go down the lattice, you may just want to press A to drop instead.

Jump over the spike pit to your right. You want to get to the first enemy you see before it gets up on the ledge. You want to use this enemy to bounce you up there. If you don't make it in time, rewind and try to be faster.

Double-bounce on some enemies to get to the time-proof switch. Pull it.

Rewind to when you first bounced up using the enemy.

Ignore the lever and head right as fast as you can. Jump over the enemy without bouncing on it.

Soon you'll find a pipe with a snapping plant. You want to get here fast enough to jump over this plant. If you can't do it, you can rewind and try to be faster.

By getting past the first snapper fast, you'll be able to get by the second one faster.

Continue to the right if you want the standard ending. You'll end up rewinding back to the beginning and go through the door. If you want the extended ending do this: Stand where the broken chandelier is and wait for the princess to put it back together. Jump on it and make sure you try to get on the lattice above. You only have one shot at it.

Go up the ladder to the right.

You'll find the final star to the right!

Now head all the way to the left and go through the door.

Congratulations! You'll reach the Epilogue. Read the books for the story.

When you get back. You'll see all the stars in the sky. Press up and you'll see a picture.