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Broken Age (Act1) Walkthrough Off to the Tomb of the Deadeye God

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Go past the maidens and head up the stairs on the right.

You'll come up on the mountain top here with two guardians in front of an entrance.

Click to speak with them. They make it clear from the moment you meet that they find this place to be holy in nature and do not want you to enter. One tries to gas you with holy tear gas, but it fails because it is out of juice so they block you with their staves.

They tell you that they are named Deadeye Dawn and Deadeye Courtney. They blinded themselves for their God and now stand guard waiting for his return. They believe he will return their sight and bring about a new age.

There's a few things of note in this conversation. For one, you cannot enter the tomb of the deadeye God unless you answer their riddle.

"You always take us down When we are in our prime Devour your sweet rewards Yet I'll return in time A child of mine will rise Out of his rotten bed Up from a hidden pit Long after I am dead."

They also inform you of the battle of Volgentoll- which is said to be a great battle between human and Mogs.

Offer to get them something and then offer to refill the holy tear gas and Deadeye Dawn will throw you the holy tear gas gun.

After that conversation is over click and drag the peach to them and Vella will tell them that it is the answer to the riddle. It doesn't actually have anything to do with the pyramid, but now that you've blown their minds you can freely enter the tomb.

This place is exceptionally colorful. There's a lot to see in here, but first thing you should notice is that pedastal on the right side of the room. The shape should look familiar to you.

Drag the strange art over the pedastal and Vella will place it on the pedastal. This will cause something to turn on.

The pictogram of what appears to be a person will light up and a man named Alex will walk out of it.

Alex is from the planet Laruna and has been in cryogenic sleep for several hundred years waiting for someone to get the strange art thing back to him. He needed it to plot a course back to his home planet, but he lost it a long time ago.

Another important thing here is that the tomb of the deadeye God is actually Alex's spaceship. He now wants to power it up and fly off back to Laruna.

If you ask if the ship has weapons Alex lets Vella know that it does not. He also gives some interesting insight into what Sugar Bunting used to be.

After speaking to Alex click on the colorful glass right behind Vella. She touches it and it falls off and breaks.

Next take the laser coil (the red piece of glass in the top diamond). Alex isn't particularly happy Vella is messing with his ship.

We should put the laser coil back but I think it will look better in the bottom diamond instead so put it there.

Next click and drag the piece of stained glass window you got from Curtis' house earlier onto the top diamond.

Alex spits out techno babble and basically says at this point you've created a deathray somehow. Yay! He can help you kill Mog Chothra now.

Alex walks with Vella outside and gives her a trigger to set off the death ray.