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Broken Age (Act1) Walkthrough Sugar Bunting and the Maiden's Feast

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We'll begin with Vella as I like how the story unfolds from that route. If you're following along with this walkthrough go ahead and click on Vella to begin.

Take a moment to enjoy the beautiful art this game has. I also really enjoyed the sound here- it has a very cinematic quality to. Especially when you have surround sound. When you're ready to proceed click the screen (anywhere is fine) to wake Vella up.

The first thing you'll want to do is walk to the left and talk to Vella's little sister.

After their conversation follow Vella's sister towards the first house in the background. Click on the doorway to enter the house.

Wo. It's dark, and there are strange sounds coming from here. When you've gathered your wits click ahead of Vella to move forward into the room.

SURPRISE! It's a party for Vella's special day. The whole family is here.

After the discussion ends we know two things: The "ceremonial knife" is missing, and Grandpa wants to eat cake. "BAH!"

Go ahead and talk to everybody. I recommend starting from the left as the most conversation is from Lavina and Grandpa. Nobody else has much to say.

When you talk to Lavina she will give you some decent exposition about what all the hub-bub is about. I also recommend discussing the back story for Mog Chothra. Other than that Lavina tells us she doesn't know where the knife is and she wouldn't hide it because the maiden's feast is a big deal to her and you're already late to get there.

After talking to Lavina, notice in the bottom left of the screen. There's a towel there. Go ahead and click on that to pick it up.

Yay! Cupcakes! Click on them to take one. Vella's Sister will tell you not to take a red one, but don't worry about that (you can't affect which one you take). When you're done enjoying the cupcakes go ahead and talk to Grandpa.

You'll find fairly quickly (even before now really) that Grandpa isn't cool with the whole "sacrificing young girls to Mog Chothra" thing. He gives some good history on why things are this way now. He also tells you he wants a cupcake.

Go to your inventory and click and drag the cupcake over Grandpa. This opens up some dialogue options. The others are funny but also red herrings. What you want to do is select to split it with Grandpa.

Doing so forces Grandpa to take out the knife and unwittingly cut the cupcake with it to split with you. He will then absentmindedly throws it on the window sill next to you.

When the scene is done. Go ahead and click on the knife to pick it up.

Head a little to the left (to expand the view back to the whole room) and then go to your inventory. Click and drag the knife over Mom to give it to her.

Vella gives her mom the knife, but asks again why they don't just fight back. This is again met with dismissive answers.

Welcome to the Maiden's feast. Everyone here is extraordinarily excited for this gruesome event. Well, almost everybody.

When the scene is done you'll notice 4 other maidens around, and also a big blue bird that keeps swooping down trying to get a drumstick the yellow maiden is swinging around.

You'll need to talk to each of the maidens, and you'll notice that they are all very much into the idea of getting eaten by Mog Chothra. They aren't especially interested in helping you escape.

When you try to talk to the purple maiden and the yellow maiden you get dialogue options. Right now just speak to them about everything you can to understand what all your options are right now.

The most important conversation point comes from the yellow maiden. When Vella tells her she is "making her hungry" it opens up an option to trade for the drumstick she is eating. You can try trading what you currently have (and the satisfaction of helping out a fellow maiden) but nothing is good enough just yet.

After talking with all four girls Lavina will blow a horn signifying that Mog Chothra is on his way (and that you are moving on to the next phase of this scene). If you're observant you'll also notice the purple maiden now has a drink that she's chugging.

Behold! Mog Chothra! Eater of... Maidens. Destroyer of... towns. I wouldn't really say he's all that magnificent, but to each his own.

When the scene is over you'll notice the blue bird is still swooping after that drumstick the yellow maiden is waving around. You'll also notice the purple maiden has her drink in her hand now.

If you speak with the purple maiden you have the option now to ask for some of her drink. She'll gladly trade Vella for her corsette which Vella is quick to agree with.

When Vella opens the bottle to take a drink it all goes splashing in her face making a big mess. The purple maiden decides she doesn't want the corsette and trades it back.

If you talk to the purple maiden again and ask to trade for the drink again, this time she just gives it to Vella. She won't be needing it anymore, I guess.

That just leaves you and the yellow maiden. Well, and the bird of course.

Go to your inventory now, and click and drag the drink over the yellow maiden. Vella offers to give the yellow maiden a drink which the yellow maiden accepts.

The yellow maiden will take the drink and as you should expect she gets blasted with the liquid making a mess of her outfit and cake... thing.

Now you have something the yellow maiden actually wants. Offer to trade her the towel for the drumstick by clicking and dragging the towel to the yellow maiden.

I hope all your dreams come true, yellow maiden, you were my favorite.

Well, now you're stuck with a drumstick in your cake dress and a blue bird that really wants the drumstick.

Quickly now, click and drag the corsette from your inventory to the blue bird. This will create a harness in which Vella can hold on to the bird.

Use the knife on the cake dress and Vella will cut herself free.

No one is particularly happy about this change in programming. Especially not Mog Chothra who tries to grab Vella back down. Fortunately, Vella aint gonna take no guff from a big ugly monster and kicks the tentacle off of her and rides the big blue bird off into the clouds.