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Broken Age (Act1) Walkthrough Back to Shellmound

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After walking back down the mountain head over to the left and speak with Marshall Dune again to ask how the construction is coming along. Apparently it's not going any better.

Say goodbye and then click and drag the bucket of sap to give it to him. Vella lets him know this will help the sand stay firm in the waves so they don't keep knocking down the sand castles.

Marshall Dune is willing to try anything at this point so he calls down the workers to try using the sap on their sand mixture.

Yay! The sap worked. Now the Shellmound Maiden's feast can commence! Before that, though, we'll need to fix Vella's smell.

Use the holy tear gas canister on the bloody fish soup trough at the bottom left by the water.

Head back towards the maidens and use the holy tear gas canister on them to spray them with the sludge making them reek of rotten, dead, fish.

It also attracts seagulls which makes the maidens freak out.

While they're being attacked grab the "beast hooker" perfume on the table next to them on the left. Vella convinces them the sea gulls are attracted by the perfume and they ask Vella to get rid of it.

Use the "beast hooker" perfume on Vella. If this isn't the perfect smell for the Maiden's Feast of Shellmound then nothing is.

Now that you're good and stinky speak with Marshall Dune again. Tell him that you need to enter the Maiden's Feast.

Since you helped him finish the construction of the sand castle, and you smell perfect for Mog Chothra, he is more than happy to let you enter now.

It's time for another encounter with Mog Chtothra. The two other maidens beside Vella begin singing, like they have been taught, in order to attract Mog Chothra to them.

He is more than happy to oblige and takes both the other two maidens in one fell swoop. Vella is ready for him now and gets out of the way just in time.

Click and drag the trigger to Mog Chothra and you will get a targetting reticule. You can zap him in the eye, but this isn't doing anything. The monster's hide is too thick.

If you take too long figuring it out every once in a while Mog Chothra will pick up Vella. This isn't a big deal though because Vella deftly kicks herself free.

Target the tentacles with the triggering device to rip them off. This way Mog Chothra can only pick up Vella by one arm so the other is still free.

When there is only one tentacle left, let Mog Chothra pick Vella up again raising her up to his mouth. Then break out the trusty old ladder from M'ggie in Meriloft and shove it in Mog Cothra's face. Short things can surprise you indeed.

Now that Mog Chothra's mouth is forced open there is a weakness in his armor. Go ahead and have Alex fire the death ray into his mouth.

Just in time, too, as it's causing Alex's ship to over heat and go critical.

BOOM! One ugly Mog Chothra down for the count!

The ensuing crash of Mog Chothra sends up a large wave which knocks Vella out.