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Broken Age (Act1) Walkthrough Curtis and the trees

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When you're done falling from who knows how high in the sky into this strange lumberjack looking persons roof the first thing we want to do is check out that window.

Woo. Isn't it pretty? Click on it and Vella will accidentally knock a piece of the stained glass out.

When that's done head down the stairs and talk to Curtis.

The important thing with Curtis is that he hasn't left his house in awhile because the trees have been insulting him.

He can't make a weapon that will kill Mog Chothra but he can work wood into a stool for you. You'll have to find some wood, though.

I recommend talking to curtis about everything. It is not only funny (there's a lot of double entendres in this conversation), but he also says you can take his axe hanging on the wall by the door behind Vella.

When you're done talking to Curtis, notice the weird art he has hanging on the wall in the background over the fireplace (does it remind you of anything? *wink wink*). Vella says she'd rather not steal it so go ahead and talk to Curtis again.

Ask Curtis about his art on the wall and go into a conversation about the art and it's elitist themes. Eventually you'll have an option to say something about how it matches his decor and this will bother Curtis.

Curtis is a hipster lumberjack (if you haven't guessed by now) so the last thing he wants is decor... or labels. He'll end up giving it to you and becoming even more obviously hipster like in the process. When you're done talking about the art you can say goodbye.

Now that you're done talking with Curtis, and he's basically given his hipster blessing to you, you can go ahead and take the strange art off the fireplace.

After that head to the right and grab the axe on the wall- Curtis will again say it's ok if you take it.

Then head out the door on the right. Curtis will give a vague warning about a snake on the trail ahead, but he doesn't seem so sure which way is actually safe to travel.

Once outside head towards the foreground to move up through the screen until you get to the main trail that splits off to the left and to the right.

Once here you can head to the left.

That's weird. There's just a trumpet hanging on a tree and a sign. Click on the sign to try and examine it.

Ok, that was a bad idea. Now the extremely territorial snake has you in a tight hug of death and doesn't want to let go!

If you read the sign, you'll come to find that Curtis left the trumpet here so anyone who stumbles on this place can blow on it which will cause the snake to jump off of you and onto the horn. Blow the horn by clicking on it to get the snake off of Vella. Vella quickly then runs back to the right.

Phew! Now that that's over head all the way to the right.

You'll come up on a tree that is moving around a lot like it's has been muffled.

Click and drag the axe over the tree to give it a mouth.

That was probably a bad idea. This tree does not like humans at all and wants the entire forest to know it. He will not stop screaming bloody murder.

The important thing about the conversation with the tree is that he is sickened by what humans do to trees and sees it as maniacal serial slayings. I recommend talking about everything, though, because he's a pretty funny character.

When you're done talking head to the right.

We've made it to Shellmound. Whew! I didn't know if we'd make it, but we did. There is a lot to do here, but there's a few things left to wrap up with Curtis and the tree before we do.

If you keep heading to the right you'll notice that there is a peice of driftwood on the edge of the water. Click on it to pick it up. You can also examine the seagulls, the weird blood broth the gulls are looming over, and the fishing poles here. When you're done click on the mayor looking gentleman at the top right to talk to him.

You'll find he is not actually the mayor, but is very politically conscious. His name is Marshall Dune. He may be mayor, someday, but for now he's just in charge of the Maiden's Feast. There's several important things to note about this conversation.

For one, when discussing joining the maiden's feast, he will mention that you do not smell right in order to join in.

He also mentions that the maiden's feast hasn't started yet because he is having trouble getting the sandcastles to stay up. Everytime they place them down in the background, where the ribbon is blocking off the waves, the water from the waves causes it to collapse.

Another important thing is discussing his bucket hat. While you do have several options on this one, you want to tell him that his hat looks good on him. He doesn't want to look fancy, as he believes it will negatively affect how people see him, and he gives it to you.

When you're done talking to the Marshall head to the right and talk to the two maidens standing by the stairs.

If you mention that you want to join the Maiden's Feast they also tell you that you don't smell right. The important thing with this, though, is they then will reveal that the girl on the left has a secret sauce perfume (called beast hooker), but you can't have any of it.

When you're done talking to the maidens of Shellmound head back to the left.

Cross the bridge to head back into the forest.

Keep walking, past the crazy, nuerotic, tree.

Keep going and head back into Curtis' house.

Give Curtis the drift wood.

This will lead to more fun double entendre dialogue. When he's done he will give you the stool he made from the wood.

Head back outside and across the forest.

Click and drag the stool over the tree to show it to him. Vella will begin describing what Curtis does to make things out of wood which makes the tree sick. This causes the tree to actually throw up tree sap.

Unfortunately the sap is on the ground so it's useless to you in this state.

Place the bucket you got from Marshall Dune on the tree.

Show the stool to the tree again. This will make him throw up again and the bucket will catch the tree sap.

Now that Vella has the tree sap you can head back to the right. We don't need anything else here.