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Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough Mission #1 - Ghost Stories

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The mission will start off with a cutscene of Elias telling his sons David (Hesh) and Logan Walker the legend of 15 soldiers named "Ghost" that killed hundreds of enemy soldiers.

When Elias will finish the story, they will head back home.

On your way home the ground will start shaking.

Upon returning back from the woods, ODIN will strike and destroy San Diego.

Get back to the house.

Follow Hesh inside.

After entering inside the house, it will start collapsing.

Help Hesh open the back door that has been jammed.

After opening the door, the screen will cut to white and the game will switch 15 minutes earlier to Spc. Baker and Kyra Mosley.

Follow Mosley back to the ODIN Control.

After entering inside the ODIN you will get assaulted by the Federation.

You will have to follow Mosley to the ODIN controls and shut it down.

Start shooting the RCS fuel lines to blow up the ODIN satellite.

Doing so will trigger an explosion big enough to kill both of you.

After blowing up the ODIN satellite the game will switch back to Logan and Hesh. Follow Hesh through the remaining ruins of San Diego.

On your way to Elias' truck, you (Logan) will get injured by a gasoline truck's explosion.

Hesh and Elias will help Logan reach the truck and get out of the city.

This will be the end of the first mission.