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Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough Mission #4 - Struck Down

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At the beginning of the mission, you will have to locate Ajax through the .50cal scope.

Ajax is going to be at the press box, being beaten up by the Federation soldiers.

After locating Ajax, pick up the MK32 grenade launcher located on the floor.

A convoy of Federation will pass by you on the street. Use your grenade launcher to stick a grenade one of the trucks in the convoy.

After planting the grenade on one of the trucks, you and your team will head to a parking lot located nearby; enter the truck found in there.

Your team will start following the convoy. You will be ordered to detonate the explosives planted on the SUV.

Once you've detonated the bomb, Merrick head inside the stadium with the truck.

Take out the enemies inside the stadium and make your way to Ajax.

Use the remote sniper to take out the enemies behind the door.

After breaching inside there is going to be no sign of Ajax. However, Riley will smell Ajax's scent and lead you and the rest of the team to him.

You'll find Ajax inside a dark room. He is going to tell you and the rest of the team about Rorke's kill list which is located on the wall and he's going to die before revealing any other information.

Merrick and Keegan will carry Ajax's body to the exit of the stadium.

Use the remote sniper to protect Merrick and Keegan from enemy soldiers until the friendly chopper will rescure them.

Another friendly chopper will land on the stadium to rescure you and Hesh.

Use the remote sniper to prevent the enemy vehicles from destroying the friendly chopper. This is going to be the end of the mission.