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Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough Mission #3 - No Man's Land

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You will start the mission off by controlling Riley.

Once the guard split up, press Q to attack the remaining one.

You'll have to gather intel on Federation's activity in the area nearby you.

After following Hesh through the woods, you will reach Elias' old house, which is now destroyed. Head through the house and exit on the otherside.

Press 'F' to sync with Riley.

Attack the enemies found in the courtyard near Elias' house.

Follow Hesh to one of the houses next to the courtyard and breach inside.

After breaching and killing all the enemies inside the house, progress through the forest located at the back of the house.

You will encounter a few enemies in the forest.

Once you have finally reached the Federation, press 'F' to sync with Riley.

You'll have to make your way to the objective marker. Try to stay as low as possible and hidden in the grass.

While making your way through the wrecked cars, you will notice Rorke capturing Ajax, one of the remaining Ghosts.

Head to the rally point.

Regroup with Riley back in the forest.

You're going to get attacked by wolves.

However, you're going to get saved by Merrick.

Follow Merrick through the forest and head to the Firebase Charlie.

Deal with the enemies in the village.

After dealing with all the enemies, follow Merrick up the hill.

The mission will end after reaching the Firebase Charlie.