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Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough Mission #5 - Homecoming

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After landing, you will have to head to the front lines.

Take control of the LMG and defend the beach from the Federation.

Shortly after taking control of the LMG you will be warned of incoming artillery. Take cover and press 'N' to take control of the A10.

Take out the choppers using A10's 30mm minigun.

Soon after taking out all the choppers using the A10, you will fall on the beach.

You will have to fight your way through the trenches, try not to stay in open areas for too long.

Shortly after entering the trenches, you will be given access to the A10 once again. Try to focus on the large groups of enemies and enemy vehicles that are approaching you.

The A10 drones will get hit by rockets and crash, leaving you with no support against the incoming enemies and choppers. You will have to retreat with Hesh and start looking for your father.

After reaching the garage, you will have to start looking around for dad in the burning building.

As soon as you get upstairs you are going to get attacked and stabbed Federation soldier.

Hesh will arrive shortly after and kill the soldier.

You will get rescured by two Ghosts.

Hesh is going to tell one of them that you have to go back and keep on looking for dad. They are going to tell you that he isn't there anymore.

The Ghost will take off his mask, turning out to be your dad. He will let you know that all these missions you've been doing so far were some test given by him that you've successfully passed. This is going to be the end of the mission.