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Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough Mission #7 - Federation Day

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The mission will take place in Caracas, at the present time.

You will have to use your Optic Scanner to search and confirm your target; Ramos.

After identifying the target, move between floors using the zip line and take out the targets inside.

When you're done with taking out all the targets, cut through the glass and enter inside the building.

Follow Keegan to the power system room.

Once you have reached the power system, start uploading the virus.

After uploading the virus hook back up to the rappel and kill the lights.

Use your knife to take out the enemy underneath you.

Follow Keegan through the building and take out the enemies on your way to regroup with Hesh.

After regrouping with Hesh you will have to disable the power to the elevators.

You will have to fight your way through the enemy forces after disabling the elevator.

Hook up to the rappel and get out of there.

You will have to rappel down before the floor you were on explodes.

Fight your way to Ramos (the High Value Target).

Hesh and Keegan will start interrogating Ramos, they are going to find Rorke's current location on Ramos' laptop.

Shortly after finding his location out, Rorke will appear on the television, telling you that he knew you were coming after him. He's also going to let you know that it was all a setup.

You will have to escape the building.

Break through the window before the building will totally collapse.

Deploy your parachute after breaking through the window.