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Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough Mission #10 - Clockwork

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You will start off in a forest. Your main objective is to get into the Federation's base undetected.

Follow your team through the snow.

You will come across a guard post, eliminate all the soldiers guarding the entrance inside the base.

Hide the dead bodies at the guard post.

A patrol vehicle will appear. Shoot the driver and enter the vehicle.

After getting inside the car a time will appear on the screen showing you the time left until the power will shut down.

Once you've reached the Federation's base, follow your team inside.

When the power goes out, put on your Night Vision Goggles and take out the enemies inside.

After dealing with all the enemies inside the base, you will come across a metal door. Pick up the drill on the floor and make sure not to drill too deep.

Once you've got past the door the lights will turn back on and enemies will start attacking you. Fight your way to the data center

After reaching the data center drop the bag you were carrying on the table. You will be given a turret, claymores and mines, use them before a wave of Federation soldiers will assault you and your team.

You will have to protect Hesh from the enemy soldiers while he's downloading the data needed.

Once the download is complete, make your way to the elevator.

Follow your team through the enemy base and head for the exit. Do not engage the Federation soldiers or else you will blow your cover away and they will start shooting at you.

After reaching the vehicles, get inside one and head to the exit.

Your cover will be blown on your way out of the Federation base and enemy vehicles will start chasing you on the frozen river, start shooting at them or at the ice underneath them and head to the extraction point.

The mission will end after reaching the extraction point.