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Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough Mission #9 - The Hunted

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After free-falling out of the plane, you will end up landing in a forest. Your main objective is to regroup with the rest of the team.

Use your heartbeat sensor to locate the enemy soldiers patrolling the forest. Silently take them down as your make your way through the forest

You will meet up with Elias. He is going to let you know that Merrick and Hesh were captured by patrolls.

Shoot the enemy patrols to free Merrick and Hesh.

After rescuing Merrick and Hesh start following them through the river.

You will come across a helicopter making a supply drop. Try to stay low and do NOT shoot it.

You will encounter a patrol on your way to the fields. Use the waterfall to hide from them.

Once you've reached the fields, stay low and move slowly through the tall plants.

A missle will get launched while sneaking through the grass.

However, an enemy chopper will spot you shortly after the missle launch. You will have to follow the rest of the team down the hill and run for your life.

After sliding down the hill you will come across a waterfall; jump off it.

You will get rescued by a friendly boat after jumping into the river. The mission will end afterwards.