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Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough Mission #12 - Into the Deep

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You will start off the mission in the ocean, equipped with scuba diving gear. In the first part of the mission all you have to do is follow Keegan.

You are going to encounter two soldiers patrolling under the water. Take them out and keep on moving.

You will encounter more enemy soldiers, you can try to sneak past them or start shooting at them.

After getting past the enemy soldiers, you will come across a metal door that you will have to cut open.

As you get past the metal door, the destroyer will start emitting sonar blasts. Try to stay behind Keegan and make your way through the containers to avoid getting hit by the sonar blasts.

Follow Keegan inside the lighthouse.

Once you've entered the lighthouse, you will have to launch the Proteus missle and guide it to the area that emits large heat in order to blow the ship up.

After firing the missle, the lighthouse will collapse, knocking you on the bottom.

Your oxigen mask will get stuck between the remains of the lighthouse. However, Keegan will get your mask fixed just before passing out from the lack of oxigen.

You are going to get assaulted by some divers, take them out and keep on moving.

They will start dropping depth charges in the water. Take cover in the ship before getting hit by any of these.

Once you've entered the ship, you will come across a pool of sharks. Let Keegan get past them first and once he's done, it's going to be your turn.

Try not to aproach them too much. or else they will immediately kill you.

After getting past the sharks, keep on following Keegan.

The mission will end after reaching the extraction point.