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Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough Mission #13 - End of the Line

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Drop down and silently kill one of the soldiers. Merrick is going to take care of the other one.

Meet up with the rest of the squad and make your way inside the factory.

Once you've entered the factory, fight your way to the Black Zone.

After reaching the Black Zone, use your camera to take pictures of the rockets found inside the Black Zone and send them to Elias.

Once you've sent the photo to Elias, follow your team to the factory computers.

When you reached the room with the factory computers inside, start copying the data on them.

An explosion will occur outside the room while downloading the data, knocking Merrick on the floor.

Enemy soldiers will start attacking you. Try to take cover as much as possible.

Once your teammates threw a smoke grenade, put on your thermal goggles and start pushing forward; making your way out of there.

After successfully making it out of the factory you will encounter a few enemy vehicles. Try to blow them up and take the out the remaining soldiers around them.

A friendly trailer will arrive while fighting against the enemy vehicles and will blow up the remaining ones. Get on the trailer before more enemy vehicles will appear.

Start engaging at the enemy vehicles following you.

The mission will end after getting away through the woods.