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Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough Mission #16 - Severed Ties

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You will start the mission in a plane that is carrying a few tanks.

However, the plane will get attacked by the Federation soldiers and the tanks that weren't damaged will get thrown out of the plane before the plane will crash.

After landing on the ground, follow the rest of the squad to the Federation's airstrip.

Once you've reached the airstrip, eliminate the airstrip defenses that are marked with indicators.

After eliminating all the airstrip defenses you will switch to Logan.

Take out the enemies on the roof that are carrying rocket launchers and the ones inside the building. Once you've did it, you will have to jump inside the building and head to the control room.

Breach inside the control room and eliminate all the enemies inside.

Launch the missile.

After launching the missile, make your way to the train.

On your way there, you will encounter a few enemies.

Once you've reached the train, you will switch back to the tank squad.

Follow your squad to the Federation's base.

After reaching the enemy base, start destroying their ground defenses.

At the end of your objective, your tank will get hit and you will pass out of a short period of time. When you will wake up, you will notice that there's one minute left until the impact. Get out of the destroyed tank as fast as possible.

Enter inside the second tank, waiting for you.

You will have to fight your way out of the enemy base before the impact.

Just as you get away from it, the complex will get hit and destroyed by the launched missile and the mission will come to an end.