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Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough Mission #18 - The Ghost Killer

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The mission will show you what has happened 15 minutes before firing the drone missile at the train. Hesh will let Merrick know that if he gives the command "checkmate", to launch a drone missile at the train.

Follow hesh and make your way to Rorke.

On your way to Rorke you are going to encounter a few enemy helicopters, take out the enemies inside shooting at you and keep on moving.

Once you've reached the last train car, prepare to breach inside.

Take out the enemy soldiers inside.

After entering inside the driver's room and taking out the two soldiers in there, Rorke's going to grab you and shoot Hesh in the stomach. Hesh will give Merrick the "checkmate" command, avoiding getting shot in the head by Rorke.

A few seconds after Hesh has given Merrick the order, the train will get hit by the drone missile and you (Logan) are going to pass out.

The impact will make the train fall underwater. Rorke will try to shoot you, but he will get bashed over the head by Hesh.

Pick up the .44 Magnum on the floor and try to shoot Rorke.

Unfortunately, the bullet is going to hit Hesh as well and the window behind them, flooding the train.

Grab Hesh and make your way out of the flooded train.

After reaching the shore drag Hesh on the beach.

Merrick will let you know that the evacuation team is coming for you.

However, Rorke's going to appear out of nowhere and kick Logan in the face.

He's also going to tell Logan that they are going to destroy Ghosts together.

Rorke's going to start dragging you away from Hesh.

The credits will appear after the previous cutscene of Rorke and Logan.

Once the credits are over, one last scene is going to show Logan being trapped inside a hole somewhere in the forest.

That was my Call of Duty: Ghosts walkthrough guide, I hope you found it helpful.