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Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood Walkthrough Chapter 11

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Ride in to the ghost town with your brother

Search the house for O'Donnell

Use the lasso to get up there

After you cleared it of enemis go back outside

Now go in to that house and clear it

Jump down, kill the enemies and wait for the cutscene

Don't worry about those guys, your brother will get them, kill the ones on the roof to your right

Get on the 2nd floor of that house to kill the guys throwing dynamite at you

Use the lasso just above the window

Go back down and kill the guy on the gatling

You will be challanged to a duel (showdown, what ever)

Go upstairs

After that, jump down and follow the objective marker

After you kill the soldier on the gatling, use it and turn it around

Shoot the pillars and drop the church on them

Shoot the bell to drop it