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Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood Walkthrough Chapter 8

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Before you go you can buy ammo or weapons

Go to the right with your brother

Once you get to the top and scout the area go back down to the horses

Get on the horse and follow the wagons

Go in to the woods when one of the mexicans think they saw an indian

Go back and follow the wagons

Help push the wagon when it gets stuck

Guess what, its's an ambush, kill the indians attacking you

Follow your brother and get up on the rocks to kill the snipers

After that go back down

Get back on a horse and follow Marisa

Go towards the objective marker and kill the enemies in your way

After that stay near her untill you get back to your brothers

Make your way back to Juarez and save him

Take the horse and follow the wagon and objective markers

You will get attacked once you get near the river, kill the enemies and move on (some are on top of the rocks)

Once you get here, go left to cover your brother

When you get to the top protect your brother and kill the indians

Go down the path on the left to rejoin your brother

Get in the wagon and on the machinegun

Protect the wagon