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Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood Walkthrough Chapter 6

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Talk to your brother to go back to Juarez

Get on the horse and go downhill following the road

You'll get there in about 2-3 minutes because the road is kinda long

Go down and in to the city

Go right and jump on the little platform and help your brother uo

Yeay, ambush, kill them so you could continue

Go up to the door

The door is locked so the window is the sollution

Get a horse and bring it to the window

One horse power later, the window is open

After you got to the cell and realized its locked, up the stairs to get the key

After you killed the two guys in there, take the keys and go back down

Oh no, he isn't there

Oh no, a machine gun, this day is getting better and better, go back through the side streets

Fight your way to that water tower

The gate is locked from the other side

Use the lasso to get up on the balcony

Kill the enemies outside of the window and jump down to open the gate

Jump the boxes and kill the enemies

And run back because of obvious reasons...

Now that everything that was there is or blown across the map or is in a thousand peaces, go through

Take note of the snipers

Snipe back

After you are done with the snipers, kill the enemies so you can get to the water tower

Use the lasso so you get up there, then up the ladder

After the short cutscene, you will get attacked from the rooftops, kill them and get down from the water tower

After you kill everyone the door will open

Kill the guy on the wagon and the ones around him

After you get out jump on to the wagon and use the machine gun to clear the enemies on the street

After that make your way down the street, be careful they are on the rooftops, stay in cover or else you'll get killed really quickly

Be careful, a wagon will go down the street and it will hurt you badly

Once you get to the here you will get ambushed

Stay in cover and watch the roofs for enemies

After that they will come out of the building

Up the stairs

Kill the enemies in the room and save the prisoner

Once you get back down, a duel awaits

After the duel follow your brother

Once you get to the barn stay in cover and kill the enemies one by one

Wait for your brother and go inside the barn to finish the mission