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Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood Walkthrough Chapter 5

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Make your way down

Kill all of the eneimes left

Continue on the road

Go through the buildings and follow the road up

Go to that building

Kill the enemies in the building

Breach the building with your brother and go up the stairs

Go outside

Kill the enemies then get up on the balcony to open the gate for your brother

Fight your way in to the mineshaft

Use the explosvies to clear your path

Continue through the shaft and kill all enemies in your way

Once you get outside follow your brother

Go back so the sniper doesn't kill you

Go up that road to kill the sniper

A shotgun to the face should work

Kill the enemies and follow your objective marker

Keep following the objective marker

Go up the stairs and kill everyone in your own preffered way

When you get to the top cross the bridge

Kill the guy on the right in a duel and watch the cutscene now