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Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood Walkthrough Chapter 7

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Ride the horse towards the marker

As you get closer to it, it will move away, so just continue following it

Talk to your brother to go to the meeting

Go to the marker

After your brother helps you take the chair and wait for the soldier to come in, bash him over the head with it

Go down the stairs and kill everyone in your way

When you get to this door wait for your brother to breach it

You will need to get that bridge down

Use the lasso to get to the other side

Drop the bridge by using the lever

Wait for your brother to breach

Climp up and help your brother

You will need to make your way to the top to lower the elevator

Use the lasso on the beams

Up those planks

Get in to the elevetaor and pull the lever

As you go down they will push explosive barrels down at you, shoot them before they get too close

As you are going down they will start shooting at you, shoot back

Make your way down to the horses

Once more, wait for your brother to get to the door and breach it together

After you kill the enemies get on the horse and follow your objective marker

Gallop so the snipers don't kill you (hold shift)