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Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood Walkthrough Chapter 3

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After you killed the sherif get inside the saloon

Go up the stairs

And out that door

After you jump down take a left, go to the store if you wish then again left to continue

Wait for your brother to get up and help you get up

Cover him while he goes and takes the carriage

After that when you get on the carriage defend yourself

You will need to get off and move the wagon

Well, you are strong, but not that strong, back around and again, defened the carriage while you go through town

After you go through the glass kill the bartender, he will start shooting at you

When you get out of town, get off and go inside the carriage

You might have some issues now, there is a bug withing the game where if you set everything to high you will not see the enemies riding, go to the settings and selecet best preformance and restart the game

Not that the game is ugly and we can see the enemies, just look to your sides and kill the enemies riding the horses