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Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood Walkthrough Chapter 2

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After you are done following your brother you will see a few enemies, take them out quickly

Your next objective will be to recue Jackson

Pickup the water buckets and use them on the door to extinguish the flame

Your brother will open the door and Jackson will get out

Follow your brother to the barn doors, be ready, because, a cow will come out

Follow him outside of the barn and kill all enemies

If you want you can go through those houses to look for loot

Follow him up the road

When the machinegun starts shooting at you, run to the left in to the field, after that kill the soldiers looking for you, silently or just shoot them

Come up to the tree and use the lasso to get up

Take aim and kill the soldier on the machinegun

Follow your brother and get up on the horses

When you get to the gate you will need to fight your way in

More enemies in front of the house, nothing hard

When you get inside get up the stairs, be careful, there are a few enemies there

Go to the side room and use the lasso to get to the balcony

Get in place and breach the room

After that jump down and go towards the boat while killing enemies

Get on the cannon and shoot the steamboat

After that the mission will be complited