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Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood Walkthrough Chapter 4

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After you clear the bar, go outside and kill the people shooting at you and run left

Continue to run after the girl while clearing all enemies in your way

After you help your brother up the wall, you will see the snipers on the roof, go to the side and flank them

Pick them off one by one

Or climb up and kill them with your knifes, or guns what ever you prefer

Follow your brother and kill everyone in your way

Go to that gate

Try to kill as many as you can, then kill off the ones that survived

12 o'clock showdown incoming, you need to be faster here, he will shoot very quickly, so keep your hand near the gun

After that continue your chase after the girl and kill more people

If you would like so, stop at the shop and get ammo or some new weapons

She will start running, kill the enemies before they get a chance to kill her

Start shooting

Go inside and watch a short cutscene

After that help your brother with the enemies outside of the church

Stay inside and hide behind the door while killing them one by one or the snipers in the distance will kill you