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Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood Walkthrough Chapter 1

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Go to the end of the trenches

Once you get to the end you will need to defened them, be careful on the right side, if any enemies enter the trench and you don't kill them quickly enough you will fail the mission

After the explosion continue following the trenches

Again, you will need to defend your position

Go through the door and clear the camp of enemies

After you have finished clearing the camp, you will need to kill 2 snipers, to avoid getting shot run on the right and hide behind the tents and rocks

When you have killed the snipers, go to the officer tent to get your next objective

Follow the other soldiers

Follow him

After he stops continue following the river to get to the other side

When prompted, press "Y" to enter concentration mode to quickly kill the enemies, after that kill the ones trying to run away

Talk to him to get your next objective

After you get back to the trenches, pickup the ammo and dynamite at the entrance and use it to destroy to baricade

Enter the trenches and use cover to kill enemies without putting yourself in danger

Come closer to this door and wait a bit

Climb up the ladder and use the machinegun to protect yourself

Kill the aproaching enemies

Follow that soldier and get to the objective

Fight your way in, try to hit the explosive barrels to kill enemies quicker

Once you get to the top, man the cannon and fire at the boats trying to cross the river, the cannon balls have a large drop, so aim higher

After that follow the soldier again to the bridge

There won't be a lot of enemies so you can just avoid them all together

Place the explosives

And detonate them