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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Crematory Oven

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When the level starts, don't stand around and fight the creepers, instead head towards the center room and start smashing as many coffins as you can to prevent the creepers from turning into coffin creepers.

Quickly take care of the creepers, but make sure that you don't use your dark crystal here, you're gonna need it against the Gravedigger.

After killing the creepers, the gate leading to the over will open. Heal up and fill your magic bars before proceeding.

The Gravedigger has a lot of attacks, but only two of them are blockable. The first is his shovel attack, but I won't recommend trying to block it cause it's too much of a risk as he might use an unblockable attack and it will be too late for you to attack him. The second is his tentacle attack, this one is easy to catch. Try to keep him looking towards the camera. You'll hear a click sound when he's gonna use this and his helmet will also open. Block it then counterattack.

The Gravedigger has 3 unblockable attacks, the first is smash attack which you can jump to avoid. The second is a linear ground attack, roll to the side to avoid it and the third one is the shovel attack, which you can dodge to avoid as well. He can also summon some creepers from the ground, attack him while he's summoning them to deal some damage.

The whole battle will comprise of you mostly dodging his attacks and retaliating while he's recovering and blocking his tentacles. When you manage to block his tentacles, activate shadow magic and attack him, then after 3-4 hits deactivate shadow magic, then roll away.

After his HP is almost gone, the Gravedigger will kneel in front of the oven, completely dazed. Don't grapple him. Instead head to the right and you'll find a switch for the oven door. Open the door all the way and the Gravedigger will be back on his feet.

This is where the dark crystal comes in. After he gets up and you successfully open the oven door, use the dark crystal and it will damage him enough to send him back to kneeling in front of the door.

Now grapple onto him and start pressing the key that will appear on the screen and push him into the oven. You only have 1 shot at this, if you fail you're gonna have a hard time without the crystal.

Don't let your guard down just yet, the Gravedigger will make one final attempt at killing you by trying to pull you down into the lava. Press any button at the right time to avoid this.

You won't fall into the lava, but you will fall down the oven. Shimmy over to the right and climb up the platform. Then climb on the ledge and jump on the ledge at the right side.

From there shimmy to the right and jump towards the ledge behind you and continue moving to the right of that ledge.

Use your chain and climb up the wall, then shimmy over to the right side and use your chain again to get to the pillar beside the one you're climbing on.

Make your way through the ledge and jump on the ledge right behind it, then climb up the platform and jump to the other side and use your chain to climb up the wall.

Move a little to the left and make your way up to the platform, look to the left and you'll see another ledge. Make your way up to the highest platform via the ledge.

Then use your chain and swing over to the pillar right in front of you and shimmy along the left side of the pillar and climb up near the spike on the left side.

A chain point will start to glow, hook your chain on it and swing to the wall, then scale it all the way up to the top and climb on the last ledge.