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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Final Fight

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Feeling lost yet? Well Satan is the last boss of this game and he's a complete pushover. The battle starts off with Satan on the offensive. He has a few attacks that you need to look out for at this point. The ground destroying attack can be avoided by jumping, doing a double jump with the seraph wings is better.

Other than that he has 2 staff attacks that are unblockable and some that are blockable. Don't attack him just yet, keep on avoiding his hits and eventually his staff will glow in either blue or red. Meaning light or shadow magic.

Once he starts using magic, he turns into a pushover. Basically if he activates light magic and you have light magic activated, you are completely immune to his attacks and he's immune to yours to. Basically all you need to do is stand your ground and wait for him to deliver a blow that you can block.

He'll occasionally summon reapers with both light and shadow magic immunity, if he does. Just run around and wait for him to create magic circles, then stand on top of the opposing color (if you're using light magic stand on top of a red one) and Satan will dismiss the reapers and attack you. Avoid his attack by quickly switchin magics. For example you have light magic on. Step on a red circle and wait for Satan to attack you, then quickly switch to Shadow magic and back to light magic to avoid getting damaged.

When you successfully block his attack, switch over to the opposing magic and start attacking him. He'll soon switch to the same magic as what you're using to stop you from dealing more damage. You then repeat getting beaten up and waiting for an opportunity to counter, switch magic after blocking, then attack him. That's basically how the whole battle will go.

Satan will get dazed after losing 1/4 of his HP. A barrier will erect around him, what you need to do is run across it and activate the same magic as the one the barrier is made of. Meaning if the circle is blue enter in light magic and shadow magic when the circle is red.

You have to do this quickly and with little error. Get hit too much and Satan will recover and you'll have to down his HP again. Once you get to the middle grapple Satan.

After getting beaten up, Satan will become more aggressive. He'll now change magic properties without you attacking him so be on the look out for that. Other than that you're still immune to his attacks, continue blocking his attacks and retaliating.

Once his HP is nearly gone you'll have to face an upgraded version of the barrier from earlier. They'll be large and intersected this time. You can take some time on this, but not too much. Wait for the rings to give you enough space to traverse it, then proceed through it and activate whichever magic you need to pass through the barrier.

Satan will then be down for the count and you'll only have to press a few more quick time events to finish the battle. After the quick time, you can sit back and watch the ending unfold.